Valorant Ascent Map: 5 Best agents for Ascent | How to defend and attack at Ascent

Valorant Ascent Map

Ascent is one of the most contentious maps in the Valorant map pool. Despite it being a well-balanced map for the attack and defense, many players don’t like it because of it’s wide open areas, where it is difficult to make first kills. But on the other hand, this same imaginary flaw opens up huge opportunities to use the agents’ abilities. So, today we’re going to talk about Valorant Ascent Map and you will learn how to defend and attack at Ascent. Moreover, after this guide, you will know the best agents for Ascent.

Sova’s arrows on Ascent

For example, Sova’s arrows on Ascent can reveal large areas and block the path of a group of enemies pushing onto a site. It works on A and B Site, as well as Mid, where one Recon Bolt reveals the location of all enemies. But only if you know the map’s geometry. This also works for the attacking team. The only problem is the defenses’ deep and close positions, which cannot be revealed simultaneously. Therefore, you have to use a recon arrow to either reveal deep positions or close and hidden ones.

Blinding abilities

However, this minor problem is easily neutralized by the blinding abilities of the agents. So, should the best agents for Ascent be with blinding abilities? Of course, you could pick Phoenix, but apart from his flash, he can’t help much more than being a clutcher in some situations and replenishing your health. In our opinion, it’s much better to pick either Skye with her controllable blinding «birds» or Reyna with her powerful «eye» flash. The downside of using Reyna is that she’s only useful for her flashes, so you should only consider her for the role of a self-sufficient duelist who can assist in small skirmishes or defending a site from deep positions. By the same logic, Jett can also assist.

Raze is one of the most important agents on Ascent map for defending A site.

By deploying her Boom Bot into the narrow corridors leading to the sites, it can eliminate the attacking team’s element of surprise. Also, her grenades can repel not only nearby enemies but also inflict significant damage, which is why she is useful both on defense and attack. When attacking with Raze, it’s better to throw grenades at targets that are fairly close as they will inflict greater damage. In this way, you can kill or at least deal significant damage to enemies in covered positions, such as «shed» or «firewood» at B Site or «garden» near A Site.

What about Cypher and Killjoy on Ascent?

Even though Cypher and Killjoy have been significantly weakened, their usefulness on Ascent can hardly be overestimated. Are they the best agents for Ascent? Their abilities are best used inside the corridors leading to the sites where the Spike can be planted, while the agents themselves are viewing the middle of the map. The way you play will depend on the agent you’ve selected and your location on the map. For example, if you’re playing with Killjoy on A Site, place the turret on the boxes and an Alarmbot in the arch at the site’s exit.

Strategy on Ascent playing as Cypher or Killjoy

At the same time, you can safely play A short without losing your abilities. Or, playing as Cypher, place a tripwire at the exit from Tunnel B, and the camera at the exit of the defending team’s spawn point and leave to view the middle the map. This strategy can be altered by switching to another location once every few rounds, thus surprising your enemies. Unfortunately, there aren’t many other effective actions you can take when attacking. So, if you pick Cypher or Killjoy, be prepared to mainly focus on covering your back when playing on the attacking side.

The situation is similar with Viper.

While she’s only effective when playing on the defending side, she can block four points with one wall: exit to B Site, Mid lane arch, Short, and exit to A Site. At the same time, her «gas» smoke cloud is practically useless unless it’s used in close-quarters when approaching a site, for example, at the upper end of B Site.

Viper on attack

On attack, Viper’s abilities are slightly less effective, but with her ultimate, a remotely activated smoke grenade and poison, she can effectively defend the planted Spike. And if you learn how to spread the poison, you can move far away to another point, activate the smoke, and cast a poison cloud on the Spike, thus preventing the defenders from defusing it. In view of all this, we can’t put Viper in our best agents for Ascent guide.

Smokes are equally important for both the attack and defense.

Firstly, because all the site exits are quite narrow, and secondly, to effectively enter a site, you need to zone off at least a few positions, and the best ones are the distant ones, such as Heaven at A Site or Defender’s Spawn at B Site. On Ascent, there are very few times when the defense does not let the attackers get close to the sites they are occupying, so both Omen and Brimstone will be effective. Which of the two you choose depends on your preferences and style of play. If you want to take the initiative on defense and surprise your opponents with riskier teleports and pushes using flashes, pick Omen. If you prefer a calmer game in defense and attack at Ascent, go with Brimstone. His Orbital Strike ultimate and incendiary grenades are a good way to defend the planted Spike.

Do I need Sage?

This agent can block a site’s exit with a single wall, but with no blinding ability, enemies can gain the advantage. Also, playing for the attackers, she can only heal and revive allies and use the wall in rare cases, for example, to ambush and kill the enemy at Short. Therefore, if you pick Sage, you’ll have to find other ways to use her main abilities or rely solely on accurate shooting.

What about Breach on Ascent?

Whether you pick Breach or not will come down to your team’s support player. If he doesn’t have the confidence to play with Omen, Brimstone, or Viper, then it’s best to pick this agent. His role in the team will be similar, but at the same time, he will be much more effective on attack due to Breach’s stunning, clearing, and blinding abilities.

Valorant Best agents for Ascent Map are:


We firmly believe that we can highlight Omen in our Guide with the best agents for Ascent map. Use smokes to exit and defend a site, as well as flashes for the same.


Inflict heavy damage and lock down sites. Be careful when playing in the middle positions and remember that if you’re alone on a site and you die, that location will be left defenseless.


Give this agent to a player who has strong shooting skills. Their role is to get early kills to open up new opportunities on the map by pushing onto a site in attack or taking up stubborn defensive positions.


This agent can single-handedly defend a site. Using her blinding abilities, she is able to cover Raze and seize the initiative in battles.


Be prepared not to retreat when playing with this agent on Ascent. Use flashes to move through the upper areas and assume a position at the rear of the attack to replenish the health of your allies.

In our list to best agents for Ascent map, Killjoy can be replaced by Breach or Viper, and Reyna’s abilities can be replaced by Sova’s arrows. Also, don’t be afraid to pick Jett if you have good shooting skills. Thanks to the low textures on the map, you can see your enemy leaving a site and can quickly break through to the area in an attack.

Now you know the best agents for Ascent Map and can use this information the in game. Our advice is to assemble a good team of friends, where everyone understands their role, functions, and agent. Try to make sure that each of you complement each other’s shortcomings to ensure that the victories keep coming in your Valorant careers.

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JAMFM Дек 1, 2020

Oh, and I love Phoenix. Only my CURVEBALLs usually blind my teammates … Forgive me guys.

7Emily Ноя 27, 2020

What about Jett?

Ace Ноя 29, 2020

In this map Jett is not the most effective agent. PS: Omen is the top IMHO