Valorant Crosshair Placement Guide: Improve your crosshair

In this guide, we’ll be covering an important feature of Valorant’s shooting mechanics: crosshair placement.

To shoot accurately in the game, in addition to knowing the geometry of the maps and practicing your aiming, you also need to place your crosshair correctly. Many players practice by shooting at bots and playing the Deathmatch mode but make the mistake of not placing their crosshairs correctly.

Let’s analyze C Long on the Haven map for better crosshair placement

Place the sight right of the corner and focus on the enemy’s expected exit point.

The result is clear: 200ms. This is a lot of time in any shooter and can cost you skirmishes, rounds, or even matches.

Let’s see how the pro players do it

Here’s an example: 100T brax is defending B Site on the Split map. In this instance, the enemy arrives alone. Pay attention to how he places his crosshair. He doesn’t place it on the corner, but just to the right.

Also, with the proper crosshair settings, defenders can make a huge number of kills by simply changing the angle after each kill.

Why change the angle?

It’s simple. By varying the angles, you reduce the chance of pre-fire in your direction, and your enemy won’t be able to switch out with his allies.

Let’s look at one more example of defending a site

Once again, notice how 100T brax places his crosshair, and also how wide it is. After each kill, he changes his angle, thereby hiding from any pre-fire and exchanges with his enemies. Competent gameplay.

In order to gain an advantage over your enemies, you need to not only practice your shooting but also understand how to place your crosshair.

We hope this guide on how to place your crosshair correctly was helpful to you. Now, it’s over to you, agent. Train, win!

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JAMFM Дек 1, 2020

Strange crosshair size and color in the top picture)