Riot Games announces major changes to Deathmatch mode and Practice Range

Valorant Software Engineer ‘tehleach’ announced that the Deathmatch and Practice Range modes could see some long-awaited changes in the upcoming updates.

Since Valorant’s launch, Deathmatch has been the most played mode in the game. It has undergone several tweaks and upgrades during the last few months and is about to see several more changes to its core features soon. Unlike Valorant’s Deathmatch, the Practice Range mode has remained the same since the game’s launch. Its primary goal hasn’t changed, allowing players to practice their shooting by aiming at targets. However, future updates could affect both of these modes, and here’s how according to Valorant Software Engineer @tehleach

AI bots should be introduced in custom games

Introduction of bots in custom games

The Valorant community asked about the possibility of adding bots to practice against in custom games. This was followed by a request to add multiple players to a single Practice Range mode round. This idea was later touched on by tehleach, who claimed the Valorant development team is looking into introducing new features along the lines of that core idea.

As easy as it may sound to most of us, it’s not quite that simple as multiple players playing the same round in Practice Range would require some serious engineering effort to make the game playable and enjoyable.

Tehleach said: «It’s a large effort because we made a lot of assumptions in originally building our platform, game client, and game server that matches would always start with the full set of players. Breaking those assumptions creates a lot of work.»

Valorant bots in Practice Mode and Practice Range

Open Deathmatch while in a queue

Another feature that could soon be enabled if these hurdles are overcome is the ability to play Deathmatch while in a queue for a competitive match. This is a highly requested feature that will allow players to warm up while searching.

Tehleach added, «Playing Deathmatch while in a queue is also something we want to do, but first we need to build the tech to allow players to join an in-progress match so that we can have long-running deathmatches that players flow into and out of … I want these things too, we just have to weigh them against other stuff we’re trying to ship.»

For now, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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Mad Destroyer Дек 16, 2020

I can’t wait to see how bots using agents’ abilities, it could be fun, right?

7Emily Ноя 21, 2020

Good news