Valorant Economy System: How to spend money wisely in Valorant?

Don’t waste your money – you won’t be able to buy better weapons when you need them.

Obviously speaking money plays a critical role in Valorant economy system and correct management of the in-game economy can lead to easier victories and a well-balanced game. If you are smart with credits, your team can stay competitive even when you’re losing rounds. In Valorant, there are varying monetary values for different things. So, we’ll be reviewing Valorant economy system, including what and when to buy.

In Valorant, you have to make money to spend money.

Let’s first figure out how to get money, and then, what to buy and when.

There are 4 ways to earn credits in Valorant:

  • 1. Plating the spike
    • For a Plant you receive 300 credits.
  • Killing an opponents
    • For one kill you receive 200 credits.
  • Winning a round 
    • Winning a round awards 3,000 Credits
  • Losing a round 
    • Valorant has a round loss bonus:
      • 1,900 credits for losing 1 round; 
      • 2,400 credits for losing 2 round in a row;
      • 2,900 credits for losing 3 or more rounds in a row.

As soon as you win a round, the loss bonus will return to zero. For any round that you lose after a win, you will receive the basic 1,900 credits.

Well, now that we know how to get money, let’s look at how we can spend it.

Valorant has different types of rounds. You can let your teammates know what you’re going to do in each round via voice chat, or you can use one of the buttons in the top left buy menu. If you don’t have a microphone, this is a really useful feature for you.

There are 4 different types of rounds: 

  • Full save rounds — Not buying anything to save credits. Usually precedes a full-buy in the next round. You don’t buy anything because your team is low on money. Or you’re saving your money to do a full-buy in the next round. 
  • Eco rounds (half-buy, economy buy, light buy or partial buy) — Eco rounds are incredibly important when you don’t have the money for a full-buy. You spend just enough money to get a win. You’re conserving money for a full-buy.
  • Force buy — If your economy isn’t doing great, you can do what is called a force buy. You spend all your money in the hope of winning a round.
  • Full-buy — This means that your team can buy full utility (heavy armor, all the skills, and the best weapons possible).

Buying weapons, shields and abilities

In Valorant, you can purchase weapons, shields, and character-based abilities.

valorant weapons menu

Abilities are an important part of the Valorant economy. Let’s take a closer look at the characters-based abilities and how much they cost.

Barrier Orb – 400 credits
Slow Orb – 100 credits

Incendiary – 300 credits
Stim Beacon – 100 credits

Trapwire – 200 credits
Cyber Cage – 100 credits

Blaze – 200 credits
Curveball– 200 credits

Boom Bot – 200 credits
Blast Pack – 200 credits

Aftershock – 100 credits
Flashpoint – 200 creds

Cloudburst – 100 credits
Updraft – 100 credits

Shrouded Step – 100 credits
Paranoia – 200 credits

Shock Bolt – 100 credits
Owl Drone – 300 credits

Snake Bite – 100 credits
Poison Cloud – 200 credits


Alarmbot – 200 credits
Nanoswarm – 200 credits

Light armor or Heavy armor 

Light armor gives you 125 total HP for 400 credits

Heavy Armor gives you 150 total HP for 1000 credits 

Round 1 — The Pistol Round

The Pistol Round is one of the most important rounds in the game.

You start this round with 800 credits. Everyone in the team should be doing a full-buy in this round, which includes a Ghost or a Classic and light armor.

Round 2 and 3

Your game can go one of two ways:

1. If you win the pistol round, you should buy light armor and a Marshall, Spectre, or Bulldog.  This is because you will probably not have enough credits for a full-buy.

2. Losers side: If you lose round 1, the optimal strategy is to save your money and buy at round 3.

Eco Round

Eco Rounds are incredibly important and can turn the tables.

These are rounds when you don’t have money for a full-buy. There are only 3 options for you to choose from:
1. Buy nothing or Save fully
2. Half-buy — Buy something like an upgraded pistol 
3. Forcing — The team will spend all their money because you don’t have enough credits for a full-buy. It is only used when your team is about to lose.


When you’re playing a successful game and your team has a lot of money, you can safely spend it on whatever you want. A full buy involves buying shields, all the abilities, and the best weapons.


At Rounds 12 and 24, be sure to buy out and spend all your money. It’s the last round, so you should buy everything you need. At the end of this round, each team’s economy will be reset to 800.

Some general tips:

Analyze your enemy’s current money

You need to analyze the enemy’s economy. This information is given to you right at the bottom. If you press the Tab key, you will see how much money the enemy has.

If you press the Tab key, you will see how much money the enemy has.

Share your money. Don’t keep your money only for yourself.

Valorant is a team-based game. You have the option of buying weapons for your team. Your money is not your money; it’s your team’s money. So, you should pay attention in case someone needs a drop. You can drop your teammates when they need it. Communicate with your teammates so they don’t play on their own.

Spend all of your money in the last round.

Use all your money before switching sides.

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