Valorant First Strike Tournament- What can we expect from the participants?

Part 1

Qualifiers for the Valorant First Strike tournament, the largest in Valorant’s short history, will commence very soon. The top Valorant First Strike teams from 9 regions around the world will be competing for a prize pool over $200,000. And this means it’s time to look at the Valorant First Strike teams that have already been formed and try to predict which of them will please the fans with their performances or even raise the championship cup above their heads.


The European region is one of the strongest when it comes to shooter disciplines. This is despite the fact that European teams have only recently begun appearing on the scene. For example, G2 only staffed its team in the summer but has already managed to break into the first line of the Liquipedia ratings after winning six major tournaments in a row.

The team consists of four former professional CS: GO players:

  • pyth
  • paTiTek
  • mixwell
  • Davidp
Valorant First Strike tournament G2 team
G2 ESports

G2‘s only competition will come from Liquid, who have proven their worth on Valorant’s competitive scene by claiming prizes at the BLAST Twitch Invitational and Allied Esports Odyssey. And the argument for Liquid being a viable competitor to G2 is a compelling one with the inclusion of Belgian legionnaire and former CS: GO player ScreaM on their team.

According to his teammates, he has brought a lot of experience to their competitive games. Moreover, the other Liquid players are keeping up with Adil. ec1s, L1NK, soulcas, and Kryptix winning a major tournament while Valorant was in beta testing. G2’s matches against Liquid will undoubtedly be among the most spectacular and parsed by analysts.

This is how Liquid spectacularly presented their Valorant lineup

BIG’s lineup

Of the other slightly less well-known teams, it’s worth highlighting BIG’s lineup, headed by gob b, an experienced captain on the long-standing Counter-Strike scene, as well as zonixx and alexRr, both former legionnaires on the German CS scene. BIG staffed its team on September 1, but failed to perform to its full potential in the small tournaments. However, with a few weeks of productive training, the German team may still be able to claim a top spot at Valorant First Strike tournament.

Valorant First Strike tournament Berlin International Gaming team
The full lineup of Berlin International Gaming

FunPlus Phoenix is another strong team that unfortunately lost to G2 in the BLAST Twitch Invitational final. Their roster is headed by ANGE 1, one of the best CIS captains in the Counter-Strike discipline. Also in the FPX team are Shao, a former professional WarFace player, ShadoW, Meddo, and Zyppan, a former Fortnite player. They were among the first players to join Valorant’s competitive shooter scene from Twitch. With the right training, FPX could become a dangerous competitor, even for the most powerful teams like Liquid.

Valorant First Strike tournament FunPlus Phoenix team


The Asian regions rarely feature prominently in shooter disciplines. But fortunately, Valorant seems to be the exception as there are currently two Asian rosters in the Top 10 teams worldwide: Absolute JUPITER and Vision Strikers.

Let’s take a closer look at VS.

The organization’s Valorant lineup is entirely composed of former CS: GO players. In our opinion, this helped them to immediately achieve a high world ranking with a crazy streak of 14 victories in a row. Although it must be said that none of these wins were really important ones. Basically, VS won small tournaments in their region. On the other hand, this could help them take a place on the podium at First Strike Korea, as they have thoroughly studied their future opponents.

Valorant First Strike tournament Vision Strikers team

Only T1 is capable of defeating the Vision Strikers. While it’s true that T1 doesn’t have as impressive results as their future opponents, this team does have more intra-team experience. In an attempt to achieve better results, they have not changed their roster since August. And two prizes in the last two Asian region tournaments are proof that their strategy has been successful.

But will it be enough to compete against VS and the other strong emerging lineups?

We will only find out in a few weeks.


The North American lineups began to form during Valorant’s beta testing stage. This was due to the huge number of free agents coming from the CS: GO discipline. It’s impossible not to mention 100 Thieves, objectively the strongest lineup in North America. The team includes Hiko, the famous American captain of the Liquid CS: GO lineup, nitr 0, also a Liquid CS: GO player, and steel, a former professional CS: GO player.

They have a vast amount of competition experience and, for sure, the desire to advance in Valorant’s competitive scene.

What more do you need to win?

Even though TSM dominates the North American world rankings, we are sure that 100 Thieves have every chance of lifting the trophy.

Valorant First Strike tournament 100 Thieves team

TSM’s lineup is entirely composed of former professional CS: GO players, namely: reltuC, hazed, Wardell, Subroza, and drone. As a result, the team has achieved impressive results with first places at the T1 x Nerd Street Gamers Showdown and FaZe Clan Invitational tournaments. In addition, TSM has gained enormous popularity thanks to its player streams, and the support of fans has had a major impact on the team’s results.

The only question now is whether the players will have enough time to prepare.

Admittedly, 100 Thieves have an easier time of it as all their players are in the same country. And there won’t be any problems with a boot camp due to Coronavirus restrictions. TSM, however, will have to come from Canada and the US. But this shouldn’t be a major limitation, and TSM may well claim first place, or at least a spot in the top three.

Valorant First Strike tournament TSM team

Incidentally, the North American region looks the most promising if we consider the world rankings. This is where the first Valorant lineups were formed. And also where players from other disciplines like PUBG or Rainbow Six: Siege are competing.

Teams like NRG and Cloud 9 that have players who have experience in other shooters will be the main contenders for TSM and 100 Thieves for the top places in the rankings. And let’s not forget the big announcements from other organizations that are probably a step ahead of us.

There are rumors that one of the largest cyber sports organizations, Astralis, is recruiting staff.

And where, if not in North America, should they be recruiting free players? One thing is for sure: the hottest and most spectacular matches will be coming to spectators in the North American region.

Part 2

Valorant First Strike — What can we expect from the participants?

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