Valorant Gift Cards Giveaway! With a total value of 22000 Valorant Points

Are you a true Valorant fan?

Then Participate in VALORANT GIFT CARDS GIVEAWAY with a total value of 22000 Valorant Points 🎁 and win them!

TopRadiant brings you an opportunity to win Valorant Points to spend on ANY ITEM you want. You can win if you fulfill all steps until November 10th, 2020.

💥 To compete, you must fulfill all steps 💥

🔥 14 Winners 🔥

  • 1st place (1 winner) — 5025 Valorant Points
  • 2nd place (3 winners) — 2450 Valorant Point
  • 3rd place (10 winners) — 1000 Valorant Points


  • 14 lucky winners will be chosen randomly through
  • Codes are valid only on North American Servers
  • Usage of bots and tagging fake accounts is prohibited
  • Winners will be announced on 10 of November

Good Luck Agents!

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diptiban mund Дек 3, 2020

Hmm, can I win this?

ICE_DI Дек 3, 2020

Thank you for your interest. This giveaway has already ended and the winners have already been announced.

Stay tuned for our next giveaway coming soon!

Colton Marion Ноя 9, 2020

Wolf skins here I come! ^w^

Evelina Andersson Ноя 9, 2020

im alive but im dead

Joshua English Ноя 9, 2020


Chinsain Tun Ноя 9, 2020


Space | Bebew IkokoWig Ноя 7, 2020

🤞🤞🤞Good luck

Ivan Jovanovic Ноя 6, 2020


hope Iwin Ноя 5, 2020

Good luck to all

cody mai Ноя 3, 2020

I hope I win

scarrrr z Ноя 2, 2020

good luck guys ,hope i can win !!!!!!! i want to buy skin of gun ,i dont have any skin now


scarrrr z Ноя 2, 2020


.right Ноя 2, 2020

Good Luck @ everyone 🤑

pakesh hadja Ноя 2, 2020

good luck everyone hope this is legit

Cameron Mendoza Ноя 1, 2020

good luck boys

william wu Окт 31, 2020

Let’s get this bread glhf to everyone

Alan Mystique Окт 31, 2020

This is the one dude….

tony bui Окт 30, 2020

I hope I fucking win @InThaTony Twitter

tony bui Окт 30, 2020

I hope I fucking win

kale nguyen Окт 30, 2020

@kalettn on twitter, good luck everyone!

Diego Hernandez Maycotte Окт 29, 2020

My twitter is @SparklingSobble

Ben Ten Окт 29, 2020

@XenonKPD on Twitter. Hoping I can get at least 1 new skin from the reaver collection

Ryan Slaven Окт 29, 2020

I mainly wanna get the battle pass

Broc Wilkinson Окт 29, 2020

I really would love to win, i dont got a lot of money but i love valorant and want the skins lol

Kavin Окт 29, 2020

I really want the battle pass and the elderflame/prime skins!

Nathan Lin Окт 29, 2020

Good luck y’all 🍀

Rickiboey Окт 29, 2020

This sounds like some much fun! Looking forward to it

TopRadiant Окт 29, 2020

And if you win, how are you going to spend VP?)

Marlex 4 Окт 29, 2020

Pog giveaway

BRUH? Окт 29, 2020

POG giveaway Bruh?