Valorant Guide: Top 6 best Sova arrow positions on Haven

Sova is one of the most helpful team agents in Valorant as he knows everything about the enemy. In this article, we will reveal top 6 best Sova arrow positions on Haven.

According to the ASPN site, Sova was picked 39% of the time at the ESPN Esports Invitational.

ASPN site Sova statistics

Using CypherCam statistics, analysis of more than 500 maps showed that Sova was picked 47% of the time in the games.

CypherCam Sova statistics

Sova is a super useful initiator who gives teams a decisive advantage. His skills can help teams establish the location of enemies, which is essential in Valorant. Sova’s incredible ult can help you or your teammates neutralize enemies when tracking them.

So, here is our list of latest Sova arrow positions on Haven that will surprise your opponents.

1. Arrow to C site

To determine the location of enemies on the C Plant when playing as Sova, you can use two convenient places to shoot arrows from. But be aware that your opponents can hide behind the radianite boxes.

2. The best Sova arrow to check C main.

This Sova arrow is perfect for defending C Plant. Your enemies will not be able to hide along this route, but they can take another one. So you’d best be vigilant.

3. Great shock arrows to C site.

A very useful Sova arrow if you are absolutely sure that your opponents are currently defusing the Spike on a bombsite. Using this arrow in cooperation with your allies will undoubtedly clear your path of any enemies.

4. Sova Arrow to Mid Courtyard.

Nice Reconbolt arrow to scan the Mid. No one will see or shoot you, and you can control the Mid Courtyard by revealing any lurkers.

5. Shock arrow to A site.

This Sova arrow is super useful for preventing your opponents from defusing the Spike.

6. Arrow to A main from B site.

This arrow can really surprise your enemies and will give you excellent information about the attackers’ plans. Your arrow should land in a position that gives you information about everything that’s happening at A main.

What do you think about our Valorant Guide: Top 6 best Sova arrow positions on Haven? Feel free to leave your comments below. Good luck on the battlefield, agents!

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Daniel Sharipov Окт 20, 2020

Sova is going to be my main agent)))