Valorant Icebox map Guide, Tips and Tricks playing as Cypher, Sage, Brimstone, Raze and Killjoy

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Today we’re talking about playing on the coldest map in Valorant: Icebox. Valorant Icebox map is the most closed, narrow, and multilevel map in Valorant. After this guide you will know top tips and tricks playing as Cypher, Sage, Brimstone, Raze and Killjoy on Icebox map.
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To start, if you’re playing with Cypher and want to capture A Site, you can place a camera that provides a perfect view of most of the locations that your enemies could be occupying. To place it, you first need to climb up the rope, then jump on the big box from the right exit at the top (you have to jump from the very edge).

Icebox Capture A Site

Icebox capture attacking team’s spawn area

If you’re constantly getting shot in the back when playing on the attacking side, you can place a camera to the right of your team’s spawn point. It’s difficult to see because it blends in with the ship, and at the same time, it allows you to see your entire spawn area. So, you definitely won’t need to worry about getting shot in the back of the head.

Valorant Icebox map B Site

When you are at B Site, it’s a good idea to place a camera to give you a clear view of several positions. It won’t be in a hidden location, so it will probably be quickly detected, but in the meantime, you’ll see the entire site, parts of the entrance to it, and the upper section.

Do you want to know if someone is entering Mid or not?

Then place a camera as shown in the screenshot. It will immediately let you know if your opponents are in the middle lane of the map. Most likely, it will be quickly destroyed if your enemies are there, but you’ll receive some pretty important information.


Icebox Tunnel

The Tunnel is an important tactical passage on the IceBox map. By blocking it, your opponents will not be able to reach the top of B Site. If you close it with Sage’s wall, enemies will have to spend a long time breaking through it if they want to get to the top because you can’t bypass it.


Icebox A Site

Now you’ll learn a winning play for Brimstone at A Site. It’s quite dangerous but very effective. All you have to do is plant the Spike, as shown in the first screenshot.

Attacking team’s spawn

Next, go along the rope toward the attacking team’s spawn point and quickly move to the far corner by the brown box. Take the hammers, sit down (it’s very important, otherwise it won’t work), look for two red arrows, and counting from right to left, raise the sight a little higher.

If the round is about to end, throw the hammers, and add this round to your winnings pool.


Icebox B Site

The next winning play is for Raze at B Site. You first need to plant the Spike at the site’s top edge, as shown in the first screenshot.

Next, move to the corner, jump on the box, take a grenade, and aim as in the second screenshot. If the round is about to end, throw the grenade.

If it doesn’t kill your opponent, they will be very badly hurt since the grenade will explode right on top of the Spike due to the long distance, and you can then easily finish them off.


If you are playing with Killjoy for the attacking side, you can cover your rear effectively by using a turret. To do this, go to the right of the spawn point and find a pile of snow. Get close enough to the fence, keeping the turret ready. This is the perfect spot for a turret as you can hardly see it, but it shoots like normal.

At B Site, you can throw a grenade on the top of the site. To do this, you need to stand up and aim as in the screenshot. When activated, the grenade blast will cover nearly all of the area.

Of course, you’re free to use these tips, but nothing beats working at your game to develop your own winning strategies.

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