Valorant Lore and History | Who are the Radiants?

In this article, I’ll be telling you about the Valorant Lore, the main legend of the Valorant universe, the agents’ background stories, and some of the Easter eggs and References you could find in the game while moving around the maps. We’ll tell you what we know about Valorant lore and Radiants!

Who is Kingdom?

Let’s start with what is going on in the Valorant world. There is a corporation known as Kingdom that mines radianite in order to use it as energy and create new technologies. Kingdom is so cool that they even have their own coffee shops.

Valorant Kingdom coffee shops
Kingdom coffee shop
Valorant Kingdom coffee shops
Kingdom coffee shop

As I mentioned above, they are extracting radianite to research its origins.

Valorant Lore: radianite

Next, a flying object appears above these radianite cores, which later turns into a reactor where the radianite is mined. After that, it is processed into cubes that serve as an energy source.

Kingdom — villains?

Many of the maps have these posters.

Valorant Lore: posters

They probably indicate that Kingdom wasn’t welcome here and left.

Viper has a line, «They [Kingdom] poisoned this city with lies,» which she says to the other agents later on. This makes it clear that Kingdom is run by some bad guys who want to subjugate the whole world.

What is radianite?

Valorant Lore: radianite

Radianite is something that we can’t explain in real life, for example: Agent Phoenix’s abilities. Radianite first appeared on the planet after the First Light. It was after this event that the original radianite sites appeared.

Valorant Lore: Protocol

After the First Light, a Valorant duct appeared, and there were also «flashes,» namely several radiants (Reyna, Jett, Phoenix, and so on). So we have ordinary people who have gained abilities after being exposed to radianite and others who can use technologies created from radianite.

Why does the spike explode?

Valorant Lore: radianite

Radianite is not only found in the green crates but also these spheres.

Valorant Lore: radianite spheres

Have you noticed a connection between a spike explosion and one of these spheres?

Valorant Lore: Spike explosion

Now it makes sense why the wave kills us because it is unstable radianite.

Radianite forms

There are various radianite forms.

Radianite crystals

Valorant Lore: Radianite crystals


Valorant Lore: Generators

And also these holes in the sky.

Valorant Lore: the holes in the sky

These holes can also be a mirror to a parallel universe, which explains how identical agents can be found in two opposing teams. Agents hint at this in their lines.

Valorant Lore of all the Agents

Who are the radiants?


A regular mercenary soldier from the US with the rank of general. He has the Kingdom logo on his clothes, which tells us he’s associated with the corporation.


Her real name is Sabine. We know this because when Viper plays against Viper, she calls her Sabine. A chemist from the US named Sabine used to have a normal life. She created medicines for all kinds of diseases. After the war started, she created a suit called «snake» to survive, and it became her new identity. Initially, Viper saved other people’s lives, but now she has fallen to the dark side. Viper’s card depicts the city where the event that most likely changed her took place.


He is a ghost from the past without a physical body, that is, he is a shadow. But how did he get like that?

From his card, we can assume that it has something to do with the experiments carried out on him by Kingdom (this is proved by the line «experiment complete»). In his lines, he says that he died many times, so the experience was unsuccessful, and it was repeated several times. Former Riot Games developer Morello let slip that Omen knows more about radianite than any other agent.


She is a German agent who has traveled around the country and developed technology for herself and other agents. Together with Raze, they are the «geniuses of the team.» They are both super inventors, so they are friendly rivals: who can create more new inventions? Killjoy also collaborates with Brimstone, which probably means that he has known Killjoy for a long time. Killjoy learned some tactical strategies from Brimstone.


His real name is Amir. He is from Morocco, and before everything started, he sold valuable information to various companies. Cypher has a negative view of Kingdom, which can be understood from the line, «What has Kingdom done to this town? However pretty their lies are, they’re just sucking my city dry.» Cypher also has a family that he wants to get back to as soon as possible but doesn’t know if they’re still alive. Maybe his family is being held hostage by Kingdom.


He is originally from Russia, most likely Siberia. His grandmother raised him, so he probably lost his family in early childhood. He wants to kill Viper, so he is an enemy of Kingdom.


An agent from China who uses radianite to heal her allies.

Her card depicts a temple standing on a rock. You can tell from the card that climbing up there is not easy. Perhaps it was at this temple that she became a radiant.


He’s originally from the UK. His card depicts a building that is on fire.

This building may be related to his past life, perhaps his school or university. When he received his abilities, he didn’t know how to control them properly, so he could have accidentally burnt down the building.


She is originally from Seoul (South Korea). Nothing else is known about her other than she caused a rift on Ascent.


Her real name is Delaliah. Reyna does not approve of experimentation with radianite. She supports true radiants, which can be understood from her lines. Also, in one of the lines, she wishes Omen a successful hunt, probably indicating that Omen was a hunter in the past.


Her real name of Izzy. Her card depicts a tourist train with Raze standing on it.

It shows that she is «not like everyone else.» This place is in El Salvador, and Raze herself is from Brazil. She also hates Kingdom. When she sees something connected to Kingdom, she immediately wants to blow it up.


He’s originally from Sweden. His card depicts a specific radianite that is stored in a very secure facility.

Breach is a mercenary and completes missions for money. Judging by his lines, Breach knows Raze from the past, and they were involved in some kind of illegal business. Maybe it was robberies. But we wonder where he could have lost his arms. Maybe it happened during a robbery gone wrong. But who carried them out with him? Since he does not work for Kingdom, it’s possible that it could have been Killjoy or Raze.

Well, that’s the story about Valorant Lore of all the Agents and the Valorant universe in general. Now that you’re up to date on Valorant lore, let us know your theories in the comments below. We hope you enjoyed this article. To develop and train yourself, be sure to read our other articles. Good luck! 🙂

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