Valorant Night Market: Winter Wonderland Set, Play Zilla Skin Set

The latest Valorant Patch update 1.14, brings us the Night Market feature into the store.

My guess is that there are six discounted skins in total. Of these, four of the six skins have no animations, recolors, or finishes. Basically, they’re just not customized. And as for the other two, there are discounts for two randomly customized skins.

Valorant Night Market

Judging by the screenshot, the discounts are completely random, rather than standard ones like 50%, 70%, 20%, etc.

There is no information about what time this store will be available. Perhaps from 00:00 to 03:00 as the store is updated at 3:00 a.m. This is just my guess as I don’t have all the information at this time.

How long will Valorant Night Market run?

The market will open on December 10 and run until January 1.

Conclusion: The Valorant Night Market is a good opportunity to grab a beautiful skin at a small discount. Also, with this market, it will be possible to have a non-standard amount of Valorant Points in your account. At the moment, the last VP digit can only be 5 or 0, but with these discounts, it can be 1, 2, 3, 4, etc.

New Skins in Patch 1.14

This patch introduced two sets of skins, which some players may really like, but others may be a little disappointed.

Winter Wonderland Set

Winter Wonderland Set

Winter Wonderland Set is a set of skins that has a unique feature for us — light sensitivity.

When you are in the light, the skin has the coloring of a winter day, and if you are in the shade, your skin will change to the color of a winter night.

The skin has a similar animation to the Nebula set.

The Winter Wonderland Set includes:

  • Phantom for 1775vp
  • Vandal for 1775vp
  • Ghost for 1775vp
  • Marshall for 1775vp
  • Melee weapons for 3550vp

Information on additional cosmetics such as graffiti, cards, and keyrings is not yet available.

  • The set will cost 7100vp.
  • The knife in this set has recolors.
Winter Wonderland Set

Conclusion: These skins will not appeal to everyone because of the lack of upgrades in this set, but people who prefer a minimalist style will like them. Be aware that the transitions can be very distracting. And the knife looks pretty funny. In my opinion, the blue version of the knife is the most beautiful.

Play Zilla Skin Set

Play Zilla is a plastic weapon set.

Play Zilla Skin Set

A special feature of this set is that the traces of bullets from the skin are not the usual, but in the form of Nerf cartridges. Also, the kill and equip animations have different variations.

The Play Zilla Skin Set includes:

  • Phantom for 1775vp
  • Frenzy for 1775vp
  • Odin for 1775vp
  • Spectre for 1775vp
  • Melee weapons for 3550vp

Information on additional cosmetics such as graffiti, cards, and keyrings is not yet available.

  • The set will cost 7100vp.
  • The knife also has recolors.

Conclusion: Minimalists will love this set as well, but these skins also have upgrades. Because of this, more players will buy them. Also, the different animation colors when finishing and equipping are properly implemented. Players will probably frequently change from the knife to skin to watch the animation.

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sterg Дек 17, 2020

Did a good job on the weapon design!

Anton Дек 15, 2020

I really liked the skins in this ad, and really gives a New Year touch )

Mad Destroyer Дек 15, 2020

The Winter Wonderland bundle bringing me the Christmas atmosphere. Actually really cool set