Valorant Patch 1.11 Update: New Valorant Agent Skye

Following the release of Valorant Patch 1.11, the new agent Skye has joined the ranks of Valorant’s fighters. Two weeks since her appearance in ranked mode, she can now be used in official eSports events. Here is a brief summary of her abilities.

Regrowth (1 buy per round, 200 credits)

A healing ability that allows Skye to heal allies in range and line of sight. Regrowth can be reused throughout the entire round with a cooldown, but it can’t heal Skye herself. This ability has a healing meter that looks like Viper’s toxin gauge.

Guiding Light (3 buys per round, 100 credits each)

A controllable flash in the form of a hawk. The hawk is sent forward and guided in the same way that Jett controls her Cloudbursts. This ability can be reactivated at any time to cause a flash similar to Breach’s.

Trailblazer (1 buy per round, 200 credits)

An ability that summons a Tasmanian Tiger, which can be used to scout and obtain intel on the opposition. Also, when you left-click, the Tiger will jump and stun opponents.

Seekers (Ultimate, 6 points)

An ability that summons three seekers that are similar to the wolves in the «Spike Rush» mode. They move in the direction of the closest enemies, and if they can remain undetected and hit their targets, they inflict a stun effect similar to Omen’s Paranoia.


Initiators pose a serious threat to opponents and help their team capture important positions. The developers have slightly increased the duration of the negative effects for some Initiator abilities (particularly flashes). Their goal is to increase the time that Initiator agents’ teams have to focus their efforts and further differentiate the Initiator and Duelist classes.


Flash duration increased from 1.75 to 2.


As with Sage, the developers want Sentinel players to be required to make more informed gameplay decisions. Also, opponents will be better able to counter the Sentinels’ «trap» abilities. To reduce such abilities’ potential impact, anonymous traps are now deactivated when the player who installed them is killed (e.g., «Trapwire» disappears when Cypher dies). The developers want to encourage Sentinels players to play thoughtfully and pay closer attention to their traps, as well as increase the reward for killing Sentinels.


«Spycam» and «Trapwire» cease functioning and become visible after death.

killjoy Killjoy

Killjoy’s reconnaissance skills have been curtailed, but to compensate, the developers slightly increased her firepower. They’ve indicated that they want Killjoy to remain strong but more specialized as a site defender.

  1. «AlarmBot» and «Turret» — Are now deactivated if Killjoy is more than 40 meters away from them. When she returns within the allowed distance, the robots re-engage in combat.
  2. «Turret» — The cooldown after picking up has been reduced from 20 seconds to 10 seconds.
  3. «AlarmBot — It can now be detected from 7 meters away (previously 9 meters), and the cooldown after picking up has been reduced from 20 seconds to 7 seconds.
  4. «Nanoswarm» — Nanoswarm can now be detected from 3.5 meters away (previously 5 meters). The damage has been increased from 40 units/sec to 45 units/sec. The damage in the «Hive» is more frequent and constant.

Competitive Changes

  1. Icebox has been added to the Competitive mode maps.
Valorant Icebox B site
Valorant Icebox B site

Four weeks after Icebox’s appearance in the Competitive queue system, it will be available at official eSports competitions.

  1. Reduced queue times for unrated games for high-ranking players.
  2. The location of the current gamepod is now displayed in all modes on the loading screen.
  3. Damage-free assists are now factored into players’ Combat Scores.

Game Mode Changes

In the «Custom Game» lobby, there is now an option to «Play All Rounds.»

This option will make it easier to hone your skills. If you select the «Play All Rounds» option, the game doesn’t end after 13 wins by one of the teams. The match continues until both teams have played 12 full rounds. The team with the most victories in 24 rounds wins. If it’s a tie, there will be Overtime (if the «Overtime» option was selected on the lobby screen).

Game System Changes

Economic changes

  1. If you lose while playing for the attackers but survive and the Spike was not planted, you will receive fewer credits (was 1900, now 1000).
  2. If you lose while playing for the defenders but survive the Spike blast, you will receive fewer credits (was 1900, now 1000).
  3. Death from a Spike blast is no longer counted in KDA statistics.
  4. Additional economic information is displayed when you hover your cursor over the exclamation mark next to the phrase «Min. in the next round» in the store.

Other Changes

  1. Slightly changed flashed indicator for observers
  2. New setting in spectator mode: «Show player keybinds on mini-map.»

General Improvements

  1. Now all players have access to the left-handed mode. Switching the view to the «Left-handed mode» in the settings menu will change the character’s first-person view. In spectator mode, other players will also be shown as left-handed.
  2. You can now send a personal message to a player by clicking on his name in the chat. You no longer need to type names out.
  3. Players who have switched windows or are idle for more than 5 minutes are assigned the «Away» status in the social panel.
  4. Team colors now remain unchanged for spectators throughout games. Previously, attackers were always red, and defenders were green.

Bug Fixes

  1. Fixed a bug that was causing delays in combat.
  2. Jett can no longer rope dash on ziplines.
  3. Fixed a bug that caused declined party invitations to remain active in the social panel.
  4. Players no longer see the Spike location after reconnecting to the game.
  5. Fixed a bug where dead bodies were causing collision problems.
  6. Sage wall sections no longer break if a player dies on them.
  7. Fixed a bug that made the game queue in any mode unavailable if a player closed the game client during the countdown period before a match.
  8. Fixed a bug that caused the Act Rank badge to be displayed on the MVP screen instead of the competitive queue.
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7Emily Дек 4, 2020

Any news about 1.12?

JAMFM Дек 4, 2020

Hey dude, you live in the deep past))) the patch was on November 10th. The next Valorant update, patch 1.13, will release on the 8th December 2020. Very soon.