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Each map in Valorant has its own distinctive features. And each of them needs to be carefully considered to conceal weaknesses in the defense and to harness the attack’s strengths. That’s why the correct and balanced choice of agents is half the victory in a competitive match. Read on for our best agent picks for the Bind map.

Of course, it’s difficult to choose suitable agents for both the defense and attack.

It’s inevitable that one or two characters will lose their usefulness. However, there are some that are equally useful for pushing a site or defending it, for example, agents with smoke abilities in their arsenal, like Omen and Brimstone. Learn about each agent’s smokes and their duration here.

A guide to Valorant agents’ smokes abilities and their timing
Valorant agents’ smokes

If you look at the Bind map, you can see that the distances between the sites are quite large.

And if you consider that both high and low-ranking players love to take the initiative on defense, it’s best to pick Omen for his long-range smokes. In addition, opponents can be deceived by false teleports or smokes. Moreover, Omen has a wide and fairly long-range blinding ability, which you can use to clear blocked areas or make the first kill for the defense. This will undoubtedly help your team win the round.

Just remember that the blindness doesn’t last long, and if you approach your opponents at close range, they will detect you.

Why not Brimstone?

Firstly, unlike Omen, who can cover a large area stretching almost across the entire map, the range of Brimstone’s smokes is limited. And secondly, Omen’s smokes don’t need to be bought each round and recharge over time. Therefore, using this agent can save you and your team money and provide more cover by giving you two or even three smokes per round.

Supporting the team’s health is also important.

When Riot nerfed Sage’s abilities, the game’s meta changed, and the Chinese agent, who is mostly used in a supporting role, began to increasingly only be used for her wall. And some players even went as far as excluding her from their meta. We tried to figure out how to bring Sage back to the Valorant competitive scene. You can read this article here.

How to bring Sage back to the Valorant competitive scene?

What about Skye?

But with Skye’s arrival, things have improved a lot because she regenerates the health of the players in the team much more effectively. In addition, Skye has controllable blinding abilities in her arsenal, which can help you push onto a site, then capture and defend it. Sage’s wall is also very useful on Bind due to its narrow site exits.

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✔ So when choosing between Skye and Sage to play a supporting role, everything depends on your team’s style of play.

◾If you prefer to play aggressively, then it’s best to pick Skye with her «wolf» that blinds and stuns opponents.

◾If your focus is on defense and a measured attacking game, then pick Sage and halt your opponents’ push with a single wall.

Duelists are useful in any situation for both the attacking and defending teams.

However, it’s probably best not to pick self-sufficient duelists like Jett and Reyna, but those agents whose abilities can support teammates as well.

But if you’re confident in your skills and that you can be beneficial to the team even playing as a duelist, then pick Jett. If you don’t have smokes, her Cloudburst ability can be effective when pushing a site or defending it.

For the Bind map, we think Raze or Phoenix are the best choices.

Phoenix’s abilities can be used to clear sharp corners, fire zone the defensive positions in the attack, or stop opponents from entering the site. In addition, his abilities make this agent a good anchor as he can regenerate his own health.

Valorant Phoenix Guide: Abilities, Playstyle, Strategies

As for Raze, deploying her Boom Bot allows you to move through dangerous areas of the map, such as Lamps at A Site or Window at B Site. Grenades can also be used to drive enemies out of enclosed spaces or away from corners. On defense, Raze can either try to seize the initiative by using the same Boom Bot or check the area adjacent to the site for enemies. Most importantly, don’t forget that enemies can hide from your Boom Bot, which means that when you’re attempting to take control of a battle, you should always have an ally nearby who can cover you in case of danger.

Cypher and Killjoy

After the November update, the rebalancing of Cypher and Killjoy has not improved these agents. But on Bind, they can still be useful due to the distances not being as large as, for example, on Haven. Which of these two agents you pick comes down to your style of play.

If you prefer not to inflict direct damage and only take the enemy by surprise, go with Cypher. By placing tripwires at both entrances of either A or B Site, the entire area can be locked down.

But if you prefer a slightly more aggressive game, then choose Killjoy. Her turret, bots, and grenades make her a good entry fragger for the team.

Unfortunately, these two agents are only useful if the attack is directed toward the site where they are positioned. If the enemies choose a different site, both Killjoy and Cypher will have their hands tied and will only be able to help the team by shooting. They are also limited in an attack because the tripwires, cameras, and the bot with the turret don’t work over long distances. However, Killjoy’s remote grenades can be useful in an attack as they can be used like a Phoenix fireball or when defending a Spike, by throwing one directly at it and then activating the grenade at the first sound of it being defused.

Is Sova effective on both defense and attack on Bind?

In our opinion, Sova can either be useful or completely ineffective on all the maps. But on Bind, he’s definitely effective on both defense and attack. The challenge is mastering his arrow lineups, which is not really necessary at the lower ranks, but which you’ll need to learn when playing with Platinum, Immortal, and Radiant ranked players.

If you use banal reconnaissance arrows and ineffective shock arrows, then this agent will be of little benefit to you.

✔ But if you have studied good arrow lineups that can scan most of the sites and drive your enemies out of hard-to-reach corners, feel free to pick Sova. Even in defense, his arrows often discourage enemies from entering a site.

Is Breach a good choice for the pick on Bind?

Breach’s case is similar to that of Sova. But unlike Sova, who is only useful to a team if you’ve mastered the map geometries and his arrow lineups

✔ Breach is easier for beginners to play with because his abilities are more intuitive.

✔ Also, with his blinding and stunning abilities, Breach is effective both in defense and attack. And with the necessary experience of playing this character, Breach will be able to claim almost any clutch.

Why not Viper?

This agent is quite contentious because despite Riot buffing her abilities numerous times, her pick-rate leaves much to be desired at less than 3%. In the future, she could become an effective agent on defense and attack, but for now, she is far less useful than Omen or Brimstone, who share similar abilities with her. We wouldn’t recommend her at this stage as Omen also can teleport, and Brimstone has fire and a strengthening beacon.

So, which agents should you pick on Bind?


With this agent, you will cover your team’s need to replenish their health and an initial supply of blinding and stunning abilities.


The main agent for casting smokes, as well as helping your team enter a site and disorientate your enemies with Paranoia.


An explosives expert who will help to inflict heavy damage to enemies, as well as seize the initiative in defense and attack, or clutches.


This agent is most effective when focused on defending one of the sites. This agent is best played by a strong shooter to compensate for his abilities that are ineffective in some situations.


Using this agent’s three blinding abilities, he can lead your team to a site, and his stunning ability to defend or knock out a site.

Of course, these picks can be adapted to any gameplay level and will vary depending on the players’ preferences. For example, if a team needs to detect the enemy quickly, you can pick Sova instead of Breach. Or, if the team has a really strong duelist, you should leave out Skye and pick either Phoenix or Reyna, who can play alone in an unforeseen situation or cover their rear in an attack.

Consider the characteristics of each player in your team, choose agents that fit their skills, and almost every game will be in your pocket!

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