Valorant Phoenix Guide: Abilities, Playstyle, Strategies

Phoenix is one of the first ten Agents available when Valorant was officially released and is also one of the first five free agents that you can play immediately upon entering the world of Valorant.

Valorant Phoenix Guide: Abilities, Playstyle, Strategies

Coming from the UK, Phoenix plays at the battlefield of Valorant with the role of a duelist. He is capable of burning up the playfield, most of the time literally, with his set of abilities which are straight forward but is still capable of creative plays.

Being a duelist, Phoenix belongs to the offensive experts of the game. They are also known to be best in entry fragging as they sport abilities that allow them to be aggressive and self-sufficient. This allows them to create opportunities to lead their teammates in possible engagements.

Valorant Phoenix Abilities


Blaze is Phoenix’s first basic ability. It is basically a wall of fire. Pressing the ability key lets you create a line of fire in front of you which turns into a wall that blocks vision. Holding the ability key lets you curve the wall by dragging your crosshair to the direction you want your line of wall to follow.

Although it is a wall, it can still be passed through by all players including opponents. Though it is passable, other players take damage while on it but for you, you get healing when you stay on the wall of fire.

Going on to the technical aspects of this ability, Blaze costs 200, you can purchase one per round and can also be cast once per round. The wall lasts for 8 seconds. It heals you 1 HP per 0.16 seconds and inflicts damage to other players (yes, including your teammates) 1 HP per 0.033 seconds.

Blaze tips and tricks

  • Blaze heals Phoenix for a total of 50 HP if he stands on it for the entire duration.
  • Acts as a solid wall when it comes to flashes which means it blocks enemy flashes and also your flashes whenever you throw it through the wall.
  • Sometimes, your wall will have a gap when you cast it through an object, for example, a Radianite crate. You can solve this issue by aiming over the objects that you want to wall through.
  • You can use Blaze to split up sites and clear corners more safely and isolate fights with it.


Curveball is another basic ability of Phoenix. Phoenix equips a flare orb on his hands with the flick of his fingers. He could throw this flare orb in a curved manner either to his left by left-clicking or to his right by right-clicking and will detonate shortly after, acting like a Flashbang or a Flash Grenade. Anyone having the detonated flare orb in their line of vision will be completely blinded for 1.1 seconds and will gradually regain their vision after that.

Curve ball cost 200 each. You can buy two of these per round.

Curveball tips and tricks

  • His flash lasts for a maximum duration of 1.1 seconds and is determined depending on how closely someone is looking at the flash when it detonates.
  • Not only can you throw Curveball sideways but also. You could use this knowledge to catch unsuspecting enemies off guard.
  • Curve ball can be bounced on any solid surface once.
  • Players can look away from the flash to drastically shorten the duration of the blind.
  • Enemies cannot hear Phoenix’s finger-snap before throwing a Curveball.

Hot Hands

Hot Hands serves as Phoenix’s signature ability. Phoenix ignites a ball of fire on his hands that he can throw, high toss (left-click) or low toss (right-click), in whichever direction he wants then sets of on the ground as a lingering fire zone that damages players, including your teammates, when they set foot on it. To make it simple, it acts just like a Molotov to other players. Conversely, for you, you can heal yourself with Hot Hands when you stand directly above it.

Given that this is Phoenix’s signature ability, it is given to you free. You will initially have one of these at the start of the round. In a round, after you have used the ability the first time, it can be available for use again if you manage to get 2 kills after you used the said ability. It lasts for 4 seconds and has a DPS of 60. Regarding the healing, it gives you 12.5 HP per second.

Hot Hands tips and tricks

  • When it is thrown, after 25 meters of flight away from Phoenix, it would drop straight down from where it is.
  • You cannot hear when enemies are being damaged by Hot Hands.

Run it Back

Run it back is Phoenix’s ultimate ability. Just like a Phoenix in the Ancient Greek folklore that cyclically regenerated or is otherwise born again, when our agent Phoenix casts this ability, he will possess the said aspect of the magnificent bird.

Upon button press of the ability key, Phoenix leaves a fire mark on the ground and he can proceed to charge enemies or an objective giving less care on whether he will be shot and take damage in the process as he would be able to live and rise again from his previously marked position after dying or after the timer of the ability runs out.

Other things to take note about his ultimate is that once you respawn on the marked location after using the ultimate ability, you’ll regain your full health, not including your armor, and your weapons are all automatically reloaded.

Run it Back tips and tricks

You become vulnerable when you are being teleported back to the marked position where you activated your ultimate ability as someone may be waiting for you there hoping for a free kill. It’s only wise to use your ultimate in a safe place or at least ask one of your teammates to watch over that position while you run through your objective to pick kills, clear sites, or objectives.

  • You could use your ultimate to retrieve a dropped weapon or spike safely.
  • You could use your ultimate to push through a teleporter.
  • You can use Phoenix’s ult as a full heal if Blaze and Hot Hands are already used up.
  • You can use all your regular abilities as normal while using Phoenix’s ultimate.

With that all said…

“I’m twitchy here. Let’s go already!” (-Phoenix)

Image via Darkness-Ringo DeviantArt

By Lesly Celzo

Now that we’ve already introduced you to Phoenix’s kit, we can be sure that you will win all your games playing as Phoenix! Use these tips and tricks to maximize Phoenix’s kit and his capabilities in your battles.

Feel free to leave your comments below. We wish you a good game and enjoy your time in Valorant!

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