Valorant Pistol Round — Abilities, Weapons or Shields? What do I buy?


All Raze’s skills are insanely useful and can play a huge role in winning a Valorant pistol round. The most effective strategy for both the attacking and defending sides is to buy 2 Blast Packs (200 credits each) and 2 Boom Bots (also 200 credits).

Therefore, with these purchases, you will be able to smoke opponents from behind corners and occupy key positions. Firstly, Boom Bots retrieve information about your opponents. Secondly, Blast Packs are great for close combat and moving around the map quickly.


When playing with Omen either on attack or defense in Valorant pistol round, our preferred buy is a Ghost (500 credits), 1 Shrouded Step (100 credits), and 1 Paranoia (200 credits).

To clarify, the Ghost allows you to shoot faster and more accurately. And it also gives you one-shot headshots for enemies not wearing armor. So, using a Shrouded Step allows you to occupy advantageous positions. Moreover, using Omen’s Paranoia ability always comes in handy on the battlefield.


Reyna is a crazily aggressive Valorant agent with all the skills and abilities to kill opponents effectively. That’s why we always buy a Ghost (500 credits) for her in the Valorant pistol round to increase damage, speed, and accuracy.

For the remaining credits, we take 1 Leer (200 credits), which is useful for blinding enemies, and 1 Devour (100 credits) so that we can restore our health or become invincible for a few seconds.


Jett is one of Valorant’s dueling agents. Playing as her, you’ll usually be the first to engage the enemy and start shooting. So you will want weapons and abilities that deal more damage. Of the pistols, the Ghost is the best choice (500 credits).

For your remaining credits, you can take 2 Cloudbursts (100 credits each) and 1 Updraft (100 credits). With these abilities, you can easily enter and hold a site or climb to high ground if you are attacking. And for the defense, you can stop your opponents from planting the Spike.


Breach has some of the best flashes in the game, which is why we recommend that you buy 2 Flashpoints (200 credits each) and 25 Armor (400 credits).

For the attacking team, Breach mostly plays a supporting role by opening up key positions on the map, and with 2 Flashpoints, it is much easier to do this.

For the defense, not much changes. You can use the Flashpoints to prevent your opponents from entering a site that you are occupying, and the 25 Armor will give you added protection.


If you are playing as Brimstone on attack or defense, your best option is to take a Ghost (500 credits) and 2 Sky Smokes (100 credits each). With a Ghost, you can easily kill enemies, and 3 Sky Smokes (1 is free) are very useful when entering or defending a site.


Phoenix is another dueling agent whose strengths lie in aggressively engaging opponents. This is why in Valorant pistol rounds, we always buy a Ghost (500 credits) to kill enemies faster and 1 Curveball (200 credits) to break into and hold key sites more easily.


Sage is an agent who is always useful on any team. When playing as her, we buy a Barrier Orb (300 credits) to block opponents from using important passages and tunnels. Sage has the ability to heal her teammates, and to ensure she stays alive, we also buy 25 Armor (400 credits).


Sova is most effective at taking out enemies in Valorant pistol rounds with a Ghost (500 credits). We also buy 1 OWL Drone (200 credits) because it’s difficult to take down in the pistol round and can be used to gather a lot of intel on opponents.


For Viper, we go with 25 Armor (400 credits) to increase her health points and protect from headshot kills. The remaining credits can be used to buy 2 Snake Bites (100 credits each) to smoke opponents around corners and 1 Poison Cloud (200 credits) to close off key locations on the map.


Cypher is an agent who specializes in keeping track of opponents’ movements. Therefore, our ideal buy for the Valorant pistol round is a Ghost (500 credits), 1 Trapwire (200 credits) to prevent enemies from sneaking up behind you, and 1 Cyber Cage (100 credits) to block access to important areas.

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