Valorant quiz: Test yourself! Difficulty level — Bronze

Hello Agents! Missed the quizzes?Here’s the new one! Valorant quiz: Test yourself! Difficulty level — Bronze.

But this time, the quiz a bit tricky because it’s difficulty level — Bronze. Our other Valorant quiz: Test your knowledge! Difficulty level — Iron will help you prepare for this one! But if you’re sure that you will gain a 100 score, then skip it and try a lot harder quiz right now!

This quiz will test your knowledge of Valorant agents, weapons, and tournaments. There will be given 10 questions and you must choose which one of the four answers is correct. Answer all of the following questions correctly and prove yourself an aficionado of the Valorant world from Riot Games!

Based on the results you will be given a score level and relevant recommendations where you can fulfill your knowledge and explore Valorant universe!

Now go forth and test yourself! ↘ Good luck agents!

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JAMFM Ноя 20, 2020

Еhis is my favorite section. Expecting the gold level.