Valorant Ranked Gun Buddies | Is Leaderboards in Episode 2 closer to release than we may think?

Valorant’s first episode is approaching its close, and it looks like Riot has something in store as a parting gift for the fans. Valorant ranked gun buddies that players earn in Episode 2 depending on which ranked tier they are at the end of Episode 1. Until now, players only had a badge that would symbolize their current tier in the ranked system but it looks like Riot has decided to take this a step further to celebrate each player’s achievement and reward them for the time they have invested in Valorant.

Valorant Ranked Gun Buddies

Valorant ranked gun buddies

Valorant ranked gun buddies will be an in-game cosmetic, that players will be able to equip on their weapons. It will be a small metallic plate, and etched on it will be your Episode 1’s final rank. It will be attached to the gun throughout the matches, so players can always recount on their previous episodes rank or even intimidate their opponents. 

When does Episode 1 end?

If you’re planning to upgrade your gun buddies, you better hurry up because Riot has reported that all Valorant players will be held in the Act Ranks on January 11th and won’t be allowed to advance further.  Since the Act Rank for each player is based on that player’s top nine wins during that Act playing a greater number of matches gives a higher probability of securing a huge victory which can elevate your rank.  

Valorant Leaderboard

Valorant Ranked System
Current Ranked System. Image Credit: Valorant

The current ranking system using tiers in Valorant has some flaws, with one of the more prominent being the fact that it is finite. Players at the highest rank have nothing left to compete for since they have already achieved the maximum ranking possible, and the game presents no challenge, or achievement to compete for. There are chances that the ranked system is getting a revamp in episode 2, but what’s it going to be, let’s find out. 

Initial reports of a revised Rank System came via a tweet by none other than Valorant’s game director, Joe Zigler. He told the community in October that a point-based leaderboard for players on top tiers will be added. However, in the same tweet, he also highlighted that they didn’t have an estimated release date, but assured that the developers were working actively on that. 

What will Valorant’s new ranked leaderboard be like?

Valorant ranked leaderboard

Although this seems to be far off, Valorant data miners have already found signs of the classified structure in the files of the game. A ValorLeaks Twitter account displayed a few strings added after the most recent patch in the game. These new data files read: «At Immortal and above, your Ranked Rating Points will continue to accrue.» This statement itself is enough to suggest the arrival of a point-based leaderboard system.

The revised leaderboard will reportedly encourage players at Immortal rank and above to continue earning limitless points. One file line said «100 ranked points» will be needed to rank up. The system is similar to many other ranked systems within the gaming industry, like Apex Legends or even in League of Legends. Similar to LoL, players in Valorant would be separated by points rather than tiers, meaning they’d always have to fight to remain at the top.

When will the leaderboard arrive in Valorant?

Valorant has yet to announce the release of Leaderboard, especially since many players do not know about it. Nevertheless, the leaderboard feature will likely be added with the release of Episode 2, which will start when Act 3 of Episode 1 ends – on 11th January but it’s not confirmed so the release might even be postponed. 

NA Ranked Leaderboard Leaders

Towards the end of October, Valorant’s showed the NA Ranked Leaderboard leaders of the top 100 players, most of which have already signed with top-notch esports organizations. Some of which are:

  • AsunaCS, 100 Thieves
  • BcJ, unsigned, but formerly of T1
  • supamen, Dignitas
  • HUYNH, Gen. G Esports
  • THWIFO, Xset
  • Eeiu, NRG esports
  • Skadoodle, T1
  • Wardell, TSM

It seems that Riot plans to add better rewards for the best players in the ranked Ladder. The specifics of this proposed structure remain unknown. Both these leaked strings confirm that there is development happening on the backend and its release is not far away.

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