Data miners report new Valorant ranking system will be similar to one in League of Legends

If you’ve played Valorant before, you already know that despite being six months old, the game’s competitive mode still needs some tweaking. This is due to constant issues with smurfing and boosting that are making the game unenjoyable for some, if not most, players. Riot Games is listening closely to the community and is already working on an overhaul of the Valorant ranking system, which will change game’s ranking system for the better.

Recent data found in the game’s code indicates that Valorant’s «Arrow-up/Arrow-down» system will be abandoned and replaced by the one used in Riot’s other multiplayer game League of Legends.

It was first noticed after the most recent Valorant update.

Since then, more and more data leaks have surfaced, confirming the rumors.

A data miner also shared all the recent Valorant code strings with the community:

  • TierProgressAfterUpdate: 42
  • TierProgressBefore Update: 64
  • RankedRatingEarned: 0
  • CompetitiveMovement: Decrease

Even though none of these leaks have been confirmed by Riot as yet, fans are eagerly waiting for some changes to the Valorant ranking system.

So, what do you think about Valorant ranking system? Do you think it needs tweaking or a complete overhaul to make the game more enjoyable?

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Zak Shnider Дек 25, 2020

Yes. The ranking system requires intervention. It’s good that Riot listens to the gaming community.