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Although we all would like to believe that playing Valorant will be a fun and competitive experience, free from toxicity, cheaters, harassment, and people leaving early, that is simply not the case.

In this guide, we will explain the ins and outs of the Valorant report system and Valorant bans.

Here is the webpage where you can report players outside Valorant.

Valorant report system:

-How do you report someone on Valorant? 

If you have to report someone, there are a few ways how Valorant report system works. The first is to tap the Esc key on your keyboard to bring up the leaderboard and then click on the report button next to the player’s name. From there you are taken to a Valorant report system menu where you can select which reason you are reporting them and then do so.

If they only became toxic afterward, or you just didn’t want to report them while in-game, you can click on the “Career” tab on the home page, select the game you were playing with the player you’re reporting, right-click on their name, and then report them. 

The third way to report someone is to go to this link, log in, enter their Riot ID along with the report type and your reason for reporting them. 

Here is the basic “Career” page, where you can select what game the player was in.

Navigate over to the scoreboard tab and find the player who you want to report.

Right clicking on their name brings up a short menu, select the report button.

Choose the reasons you want to report the player, and then click report. So this is how the Valorant report system works.

-How long are Valorant bans?

Currently, Valorant bans are for 72 hours for a chat ban or the entire closed beta. No in-between. There are some reports that even if you create a new account, you will still remain banned based on your IP, although those are unverified rumors.

-Can you get banned in Valorant for toxicity?

Yes, of course! In Valorant you can get banned for Comms Abuse — Text, Comms Abuse – Voice, Leaving the Game / AFK, Offensive or Inappropriate Name, Sabotaging the Team, Disrespectful Behavior, or Threats. Although none of these sections have exact meanings, we all know what it means to be toxic. Riot has been dealing with toxicity for years in League of Legends and I doubt that they want to foster that sort of environment again. Once the game is fully released I would expect there to be extremely harsh toxicity rules in order to dissuade anyone from going down that path.

There are a lot of videos on Youtube about how players faced with toxic guys. Let me provide some examples:

Video via crashy YouTube
Video via cream YouTube
Video via Nostradamus YouTube

-Can you get Valorant chat banned on Valorant?

Yes, you can! If you use restricted terms in voice or text chat you will be instantly chat-restricted by a Riot bot for 72 hours. You will be restricted from both text and voice comms, so if you want to keep communication up and increase your chances for winning, keep the language clean! There is no published list of restricted terms so a good rule of thumb is if you have to question if it would be a restricted term, it probably is.

-Can you get banned in Valorant for leaving?

Currently no. That being said, if we look at what Riot has done for its other major title, League of Legends, we can assume that once the beta period is over there will be a banning system similar to League of Legends’League of Legends’ system is to give leaving players a cooldown period before they can requeue, followed by more serious multi-hour bans, followed by even more serious multi-day bans if the player continues to leave games.

Players who leave ranked games will see a negative impact on their MMR (Match Making Rating) as opposed to just cooldown periods. If a player continuously leaves games eventually the bans will ramp up to a permanent ban, although that is for the worst-case scenarios. If you look below at the AFK and un-AFK screenshot I took, you can see that I was marked as an abandoner. This indicates that in the future they will be using this data to punish players for going AFK in matches.

-What happens if you leave a Valorant game?

If you leave a Valorant game, you will be forced to either re-join the ongoing game or wait for it to finish in order to queue again. Take a walk. Get a drink of water. We all have bad days, so do something to help yourself un-tilt before the next game.

-How long is a ban on Valorant?

A chat ban lasts for 72 hours in Valorant. You can receive a 72-hour ban for being toxic in chat, sabotaging your team, or other toxic actions. If you cheat or become a repeated offender you can be banned for the entire beta period, possibly even the whole live release.

Riot broke headlines for such a hard stance when it came to cheaters because frequently studios are too scared to remove any part of their player base, let alone players who are incentivized to buy multiple accounts in order to cheat under many different names. Although there is a lot to critique, this stance on cheaters and repeat offenders says in no uncertain terms that there will be no mercy for people who test Riot.

-What happens if you AFK in Valorant?

If you AFK (Away From Keyboard) in Valorant there will be a chat message saying you went AFK to let your team know, and you will not be spawned in the following round. Once you come back and press a button or click something another message will be shown, and you’ll spawn in once again. If you are AFK for long enough though, you will be booted from the game and given a timed queue restriction. You won’t be able to join another match for that time period, so it’s much better just to stick out the rest of the game.

Above you can see the notes that will be displayed when you go AFK and once you come back.

-How do I report AFK in Valorant?

You can report someone for AFK in Valorant by following the steps above. Even if they are kicked from the game, you can still report them from your “Careers” tab.

-How do I leave Valorant without a ban?

Right now, there is no serious ban for people who leave Valorant games, but don’t expect to be able to join another game right after! Do your part and stick out a game. 

-How do I get unbanned from Valorant?

As of today, the only way to get unbanned from Valorant is to take it to the Riot Support Page here and try to explain your situation. From personal experience I can vouch for the response time of the Riot employees, I cannot vouch for any response besides fluffy corporate language enforcing what they already have done. 

Valorant still has a long way to go until it’s a finished product, and Valorant report system and Valorant bans system is no exception.

Right now most of the Valorant bans seem to be automatically handled, unlike their main competition CS:GO (Counter Strike: Global Offensive). It is difficult to tell if Valorant is going to follow the industry standard or the studio standard. The industry standard being player-to-player overwatch, letting well-ranked and non-reported players judge recordings of accused cheaters and toxic players, and the studio standard following what Riot has done with League of Legends, where it is largely AI with minimal human input whatsoever. 

By John-Paul Richard

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