Valorant right mouse button |Best Gun for Secondary Fire

Hello! In this article, we’ll be discussing one of the most overlooked features in the game: using the Valorant right mouse button (RMB) when shooting.

Let’s start with the fact that the aim down sights (ADS) on each of the guns produces different effects, or none at all. There’s no point describing its impact on every weapon. But if you want to know more, you can read about the gun mechanics in the «Weapons» section on our website.

Functionality and benefit of shooting down the sight

First, let’s touch on the RMB giving players additional zoom capabilities on weapons such as the Vandal, Phantom, Guardian, Spectre, Odin, Ares, Marshal, and Operator. On all these guns, holding in the RMB gives a specific zoom: some 1.25x, some 2.5x, etc.

Many players, especially those from CS:GO, neglect this feature, preferring instead to «squeeze» into the enemy using their standard sight. But if your rank is lower than Immortal, and you do not solely aim for headshots, then it’s very likely that you are seriously mistaken in doing so because shooting down the sight greatly reduces your bullet spread.

You can see the spray patterns with and without the sight in the below screenshots. But you will not notice much difference at close range. Thus, we can conclude that it is much better to use ADS for long-range shooting and not for close-range skirmishes, as it will be easier to orient yourself without being zoomed in.

Burst mode and its correct application

Let’s move on to the weapons that ADS gives unique firing properties.


The Bulldog shoots a 3-round burst. To kill in one burst, aim above the base of the neck. This way, you are guaranteed to get at least one bullet in the body and head, allowing you to instantly kill the enemy.


The Stinger shoots a 4-round burst. For an instant kill at close range, our advice is the same as for the Bulldog. But the Stinger is only good at close range. So whether you use a burst or not depends on your aim.


And finally, the tastiest of all: Classic. No words can describe how many players do not use the Valorant right mouse button with this pistol. And miss out a lot because of it. When in focus, this gun’s secondary fire allows you to one-shot headshot an enemy with a heavy shield, but that’s not all!

At close range, when shooting down the sight, you can also kill an enemy in a single shot while jumping. Not without a bit of luck, of course. But still, this can have an incredible impact, allowing you to get a decent gun or equipment from your opponent without spending anything in eco rounds. The most important thing is to learn how to shoot at the head properly.

We hope this article has helped you reconsider the benefits of secondary fire and learn something new about the Valorant right mouse button feature.

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Вадим Паклин Ноя 17, 2020

Never use right click))