VALORANT’s first Ultra Edition Skins: Elderflame!

Riot Games has announced Valorant’s first set of Ultra Edition weapon skins due to be available in the store on Friday 10th July. The set is called ‘Elderflame’ and features four dragon themed gun skins, a fiery knife skin, a card, gun buddy, and spray.

Elderflame is a level above anything we have seen before, Valorant’s Elderflame skin have more artistic license than previous offerings, which each gun modelled with a Dragon them replete with some insane custom animations and sounds.

This skin will let players change their weapons into dragons!

There five Elderflame weapon models:

  • Elderflame Frenzy
  • Elderflame Vandal
  • Elderflame Operator
  • Elderflame Judge
  • Elderflame Melee (Free in the Bundle)
  • Each of the weapon models has four variants, which will likely be unlocked with Radianite Points.

Also included in the bundle are:

  • Dragon spray (Free in the Bundle)
  • Dragon Eye Gunbuddy

For most players, the previous Valorant skins were too expensive or not spectacular enough. The latter now changes thanks to the Elderflame Skin bundle. It not only modifies the look of assault rifles, snipers, and pistols but also offers unique animations — in the form of a living dragon weapon.

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