Valorant’s ranking system explained

Since the early launch of closed beta in April 2020, Valorant has reshaped many first-person shooter mechanics. Now fully launched, Valorant is one of the best, if not the best, free fps shooters on the market today. The game offers a multitude of new features, Competitive mode, and a ranking system. For most of us, we cannot imagine the game without Valorant’s ranking system as it is an essential feature of the game that pushes players to compete.

Earlier this summer, Riot Games officially revealed that it would introduce a new Competitive mode ranks to its online tactical shooter. Senior Producer Ian Fielding announced that Valorant’s ranking system will be improved upon and called Act Rank. It will not replace the current Match Rank system, but instead, it will work as an ongoing history of the previous ranking system.

«Currently, in our Competitive mode, your matchmaking ranks order is very closely tied to your skill (MMR) and it can move up or down fluidly depending on if you are having a good or bad day of competitive play,» Ian Fielding explained.

«We want you to have an accurate representation of your current skill in matches. We also want to build a ranks order system that promotes growth and engagement over ‘peaking’ at a top rank, getting anxious about losing it and stuffing it in the fridge,» said Fielding.

In this post, we will discuss why Valorant’s ranking system is essential to the game, how to use it, and answer some of the most common questions asked by the community.

Valorant Ranks are the way you prove your skill level in the game’s Competitive mode. As your skills improve, you’ll find yourself climbing up the Valorant Ranks within the Valorant rank distribution system, including its various tiers. One of the game’s primary goals is to achieve the highest rank possible, and how you achieve that goal is up to you and your style of gameplay.

How do I unlock Competitive mode?

Before you start competing, you first need to play more than 20 unrated matches. It is important to mention that the «Spike Rush» mode doesn’t count toward the 20 matches. None of these 20 matches will affect your ranking, but they are necessary as the system will analyze your gameplay and skill level, and then evaluate them according to the Matchmaking Rating or MMR for short.

What is Matchmaking Rating (MMR)?

Matchmaking Rating is a number that assesses your gameplay skills behind the scenes. It will correlate with your actual Valorant rank within the game, especially in the beginning, when you start playing Valorant. However, over time it will surpass it or fall behind, moving you toward the ranking that you really deserve.

Why do we need MMR?

Ideally, every team should be equal in strength as determined by their MMR level, thus making the game more fun, competitive and enjoyable. Valorant’s matchmaking system will try its best to match you against players with the same skill level as you. However, this will not always be the case, and when it occurs, you will earn more MMR points if you win a round.

All ranks in order

Once you’ve entered Competitive mode, you’ll start gaining ranks and tiers within the game. As of September 2020, there are a total of 8 ranks, and besides the top valorant rank, each one consists of three tiers.

Here’s a list of all Valorant ranks from lowest to highest:

  • Iron
  • Bronze
  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Diamond
  • Immortal
  • Valorant

When you join a ranking match, Valorant’s matchmaking system will pair you with players of similar rank or within 2 ranks of your current one. This means if you have a Bronze ranking, you’ll face opponents with Iron, Silver, and Gold ranks. All teams will have a full complement of players, which means you’ll never be outnumbered unless someone quits the game during a round.

How do I rank up in Valorant?

Winning rounds is the primary way to climb the competitive ranks in Valorant. The game analyzes your gameplay and how exactly you dominate other players. All this data affects your MMR level as well as your rank. When you play with basic ranks such as Iron or Bronze, the game considers your performance. But as you progress through the ranks, your performance becomes less important until you reach the highest levels where it doesn’t count in your evaluation at all.

Do ranks reset?

If you decide to stop playing for 2 weeks, your rank will remain hidden until you get back in the game and play a competitive match. The only players whose rank may be lost are those who participated in the closed beta. If you’re not one of these players, then you have nothing to worry about.

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