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One of the best players on Valorant’s pro scene is Adil «ScreaM» Benrlitom. His skills are amazing, and he makes headshots as if he’s cheating. Would you like to play like him? Then read our guide to find out what makes him so good.


Valorant ScreaM plays are always excellent in aiming and sight positioning skills. In order to aim as well as him, you’ll need to shoot about 500 bots per day. But only improving your aim will not be not enough to get headshots consistently. You also need to be very familiar with the geometry of the maps (see the map guides on our website).

Pistol Rounds

These rounds are some of the most important in the game as they determine your mood, economy, and actions in the rounds that follow. So, what does ScreaM buy in the pistol round? Usually, he starts with First Armor, and then he asks his teammates for a Ghost (it’s hard to deny him because this is such an important round).

Valorant ScreaM

Force Rounds

For force rounds, ScreaM chooses either a Sheriff or Marshal, and First Armor. He saves about 1000 credits for the next round, which allows him to take at least a Vandal and First Armor.

Full Buy and Force Buy Rounds

ScreaM never spares credits for a Vandal. Even if he only has 2900 credits, he will buy it. That’s the confidence he has in his shooting abilities.

Valorant ScreaM

ScreaM’s Movements in the Pistol Round

Let’s take a look at some of ScreaM’s tactics in the pistol round. Usually, he’ll take up a position and then not push too much. But if he receives information about his opponents at another site, he immediately withdraws. During the attack, ScreaM and his team rush the site. It’s worth noting that he uses all his flashes at once to «arrive» at the site.

Actions in Force Rounds

How does ScreaM play in force rounds? When he’s defending, he plays with a Sheriff or Marshall because he operates over long distances. He doesn’t push a lot, but if a group of enemies come at him, he «fights back» with flashes. On attack, he quickly enters a site and then waits for the lurker. If he fails to take out the lurker, he will push back.

Actions in Full Buy Rounds

On defense, ScreaM doesn’t play aggressively in full buy rounds. He just takes up a position and waits. If no opponents arrive to launch an attack, he presses forward. But if he is attacked, he quietly leaves by using a flash, then kills one enemy.

Next, he uses the Dismiss ability to change his position slightly and then makes several kills. Since ScreaM has excellent shooting skills, he simply flees the site, killing his opponents on the run. He uses all his flashes to bring his team to the site quickly. If he’s losing the battle, he instructs his team to wait until their opponents have used up all their abilities. They can then easily enter the site or move to another location.

Life Hack

ScreaM doesn’t wait for his molotovs to burn out. He surprises his opponents by passing through the flames in the last few seconds.

So, we can sum up ScreaM’s gameplay as follows:

He only takes risks when it’s really necessary. Also, when ScreaM is playing defense, he doesn’t push from the first few seconds, neither does he immediately go on the offensive. Lastly, he plays intelligently and is always cool under pressure.

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