Valorant Skye Guide: Skye’s Guiding Light best flash angles, tips and tricks to learn on Split

Skye is the 13th agent of Valorant and the first to arrive from Australia. Called in by Sage to help save the planet, she joins the Valorant Agent forces and shows off her abilities in the battlefield. The guide below will help you play Skye’s Guiding Light effectively on Split so you can assist your team in getting those victories in Valorant.

The Aussie initiator has three abilities that can be used to scout and disable opponents, as well as a team-wide remedy to get you back to full health after the battle is over. But the important point to note is that it takes a lot of time for her skills to be used, so you’ll need to use your squad to capitalize on them as efficiently as possible.  

Let’s go!

Skye’s Guiding Light is extremely useful in Valorant

Skye’s Guiding Light is extremely useful in Valorant since Skye can easily bend it around corners, providing you with even more control of where it detonates and the duration of its flight. If its flash blinds anyone successfully, the hawk even lets out a screech, giving the squad intel so that you can swing around the corner to get a free pick. With guiding light, Skye’s teammates are benefited in two ways: distraction, and intel. 

If the flashes aren’t aimed properly, and the opponent shoots the bird then the flash is rendered useless. Here are some points on Split where if deployed you can flash the maximum amount of sight on point. Doing that will be reassuring when you enter an area knowing that most of the enemies are blinded by the flash. 

Attacking A Site

A Lobby – A Main Skye’s guiding light:

Image via SpiceCurry YouTube

Instead of launching your Guiding Light from the side, it is advisable to launch it from above. Since that entry point leads players into A main.

Defenders with long and mid-range weapons on A Ramps will be waiting for you to leave A lobby. Even if you throw your flash, it will be predictable for them, and they can shoot it down easily. But if you send the bird from above and move in. You will leave them in confusion, as there will be trajectories from two different directions. In this confusion, the bird can blind the opponents leaving you with easy picks. 

A Main – A Site Skye’s guiding light:

Image via SpiceCurry YouTube

Now once you cleared a main, you can move in on A site. Now since it’s the site itself, it sure is going to be heavily guarded, especially by players on A Rafters, and some on the opening from A tower. Furthermore, some defenders will be waiting on A Screens with snipers.

By launching the hawk above and detonating somewhere in between A Site and A towers, opponents on the other side can be caught off guard, you along with teammates can move in with reduced resistance.

Attacking B Mid

B Link – Mid Skye’s guiding light:

Image via SpiceCurry YouTube

Instead of using the corner at B Link to flash opponents, try launching it from the shown location. Once you launch it try curling it slightly, and when it is overhead Mid Top, detonate it to disable enemies that will be camping, waiting for easy picks when you come round the corner.

Moving through mid will be easier if you launch the flash from here rather than the corner. It is crucial to take advantage of unpredictability whenever possible. 

A Site Retake

A Screens – A Site Skye’s guiding light:

Image via SpiceCurry YouTube

When you are moving in on to retake A site form the back, you will face a doorway connecting them. You shouldn’t launch the ability from the doorway because that will be too obvious for the opponents, rather take a step back.

Before you enter the area with the doorway, there is an opening from above, where the hawk should be launched. The path players should take is as soon as you launch your bird, time your mouse’s movement downwards so that the trajectory can force the bird down. This will help you take care of the enemies waiting near the doorway.

Using this as a blinding tactic for your teammates to capitalize on is optimal; however, this can also be beneficial if you are moving solo. As soon as you launch the bird, travel with the bird and pick up players before they can regain stability after the brief stun. 

By Aashir Ahmed

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JAMFM Дек 18, 2020

I think she is a druid. Always played as druids in other games.