Valorant Smokes Guide: 5 Valorant smoke abilities and their timing

Valorant smokes abilities are essential in all FPS games, especially regarding their placement and timing. So today you will find out the answer to the question:

How long do Valorant smokes abilities last and their timing?

Defenders can use one at choke points to push opponents back or force them to switch to a different route or site. Conversely, attackers can use smokes to clear out areas when pushing forward, so they don’t get shot from unexpected angles. So let’s find out Valorant agents’ smokes abilities and their timing.

These are just some examples of how Valorant smokes abilities can be used.

While knowing where to use smokes will likely have a big impact on your gameplay, good timing is still crucial if you want to take advantage of these positions. For example, if you cast your smokes too early, the smoke will have already dissipated by the time you get into position. This sucks, we know.

Unlike all other first-person shooters that have smokes that can be thrown, Valorant smokes can only be accessed by certain agents using their abilities.

Valorant agents’ smokes abilities are in five agents:






So, if you want to use smokes in your team, make sure you choose one of these agents, or be the one to play them!

In this guide, we’ll be reviewing the several types of Valorant smokes that are available in game, particularly the duration of each agent’s smokes, and some basic facts about them!

1. Jett


Jett throws a sphere of wind with a cloud-like consistency that blocks vision in or out of the smoke. You can either cast it instantly with a single button press, or you can hold your ability key and move your crosshair in the direction you want to place the smoke.

Jett’s Cloudburst costs 100 credits each. You can cast this ability up to three times per round, and it lasts for 7 seconds.

2. Omen

Dark Cover

Using Dark Cover gives you X-ray-like vision that allows you to target and place shadow orbs all around the map, creating shadow spheres at the marked locations that act as smoke. The way to control it is by long pressing left-click to move further away from your location, or long pressing right-click to move towards your current location.

You can also use normal targeting when placing shadow orbs to create shadow spheres near you. This is done by pressing the reload button.

It’s a bit puzzling using Dark Cover for the first time if you’re not familiar with the maps, but once you’ve mastered it, it’s one of the most useful smokes in the game.

Dark Cover is Omen’s signature ability and is therefore free. You can cast 2 smokes at a time, and it has a 35-second cooldown. The Dark Cover smoke lasts for 15 seconds.

3. Brimstone

Sky Smoke

When you press the ability key, a tactical map with a radius around you opens on your screen. This allows you to choose a precise location where the smokes will land by left-clicking on the map. You then confirm those locations by right-clicking and smokes that fall from the sky will land at those positions.

Sky Smoke is Brimstone’s signature ability. You have access to 3 of these smokes that can be dropped in one go or one by one. Sky Smoke lasts for 14 seconds.

4. Viper

Poison Cloud

Pressing the ability key allows you to throw or place a gas emitter on the ground. By aiming at it and pressing the ability key again, a toxic gas cloud is released. The gas cloud remains in effect for as long as fuel is available. This will be 15 seconds if you have full fuel, but can vary if your toxic screen is up at the same time as it also uses fuel.

You only have one Poison Cloud and it costs 200 credits, but it will remain on the ground throughout the round and can be reactivated for as long as you have fuel available. You can also pick up the gas emitter and place it somewhere else and then reactivate it.

5. Cypher

Cyber Cage

To instantly toss a Cyber Cage in front of Cypher, press the ability key. When activated, it creates a zone that blocks vision and plays an audio cue when enemies pass through it. The Cyber Cage lasts for 7 seconds.

You only have access to two of these, and they cost 100 credits each. So use this ability wisely! There is at least some room for error as you can pick it up if you have accidentally thrown it in the wrong position, but only if you are still in the Buy Phase of the round.

Now that you’ve learned about each Valorant smokes agents’ abilities and their duration, we hope that you will find this information helpful for working out the best times to use these Valorant smokes agents’ abilities in your matches.

Now, agent, get on the battlefield and implement what you’ve learned! Dismissed!

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