Valorant Snowball Fight Mode | New game modes? Are they needed?

Are you tired of the competitive mode? Do you want variety and a festive setting in Valorant? If you are, we’re pleased to present to you the new game mode Valorant Snowball Fight, which will run from the 15th to 29th of December. We’ve waited so long for this, and now we finally have it. The developers have listened to the players’ requests, and in this mode, we don’t have to worry about the boring spike. Today we’re going to take a look at this and find out if fan modes are needed in Valorant.

❄️ Valorant Snowball Fight gameplay

How to play Snowball Fight?

Valorant Snowball Fight gameplay starts on the 15th of December and will only last for two weeks, so you’ll need to hurry if you want to try it. In terms of gameplay, Brimstone’s cannon will no longer fire napalm, but snowballs that you can shoot non-stop with unlimited ammo.

To play Valorant Snowball Fight Mode you should know the rules: Two teams of five players will battle against each other, with the team managing to score 50 kills first winning. Players will respawn after dying until the end of the game, and they won’t have to wait long to continue playing. The developers have not yet disclosed how kills will be carried out or how much damage will be done, so we will have to see how it works in the battles.

Also, at times «gift holes» will appear in the sky from which «gifts» will fall.

Valorant snowball fight gift holes
Valorant Snowball Fight Mode Gift Holes

If you shoot at a gift, it will open and turn into a booster with a random effect.

valorant snowball fight gifts
Valorant Snowball Fight Mode Gifts

There are 4 different types of effects in Valorant Snowball Fight Mode:

  1. Rapid fire — increased rate of fire
  2. Growball — the farther the projectile flies, the larger its size
  3. Ricochet — projectiles ricochet off obstacles
  4. Skates — the player moves faster and jumps higher (they have a cool animation)

You can apply each booster one time (effects won’t stack or upgrade). REMEMBER that after you die, you will lose all previously received boosters, and the enemy will be able to take them. So be careful about taking all the effects.

⚔️ Details of the mode

During the first week, agents will battle on the Icebox map decorated in a festive style (ONLY FOR THIS VALORANT SNOWBALL FIGHT GAME MODE). In the second week, you will be able to play Snowball Fight on every map. You will receive 750 experience points for each completed match and an additional 150 XP for the winners. Agents taking part in several battles in this mode will receive a gun buddy as a gift. However, you will not be able to complete missions while playing this mode.

☃️ Do we need fan modes in Valorant?

So, do we really need non-competitive modes in Valorant? Absolutely yes. Many pro players say they really want modes where they can take a break from competing. Many have indicated that they would like to be able to create custom maps or even have a workshop added (as is the case of Steam). In fact, many players want to have fun in Valorant itself, but unfortunately they can’t. Of course, some players think that Valorant only needs competitive modes, and their opinions are justified since Valorant has always been positioned as a tactical competitive shooter. But Valorant really lacks modes like an «arms race» or similar.

Will new modes be added?

So, we have many reasons why we need new modes in Valorant, but what about adding them to the game? There are a number of problems here. The developers have already talked about the complexity of implementing new modes — just think back to the Icebox map and how many bugs there were when it was released.

Also, the developers need to think carefully about new innovations so that they are connected to the Valorant universe (holiday events do not count). And don’t forget about the technical aspects: with each update, Valorant takes up more and more space on your computer, and such updates require optimization. Finally, the developers have explained that Valorant is primarily geared toward esports, so they don’t plan to develop new modes in the near future.

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Zak Shnider Дек 18, 2020

Cool! I like the snow! And what about the weather in your city/country in winter?

Mad Destroyer Дек 16, 2020

Snowball fight is amazing! Love the decorations, lights, garlands, gifts, so beautiful