Valorant: The Best Character Choices in Haven Map for December 2020

How to play Haven Valorant?

Many people ask the question: which Valorant agent should I play in Haven? In this guide, we’ll tell you the best character choices in Haven map for December 2020. Valorant Map Haven is the only map that has three bomb site locations. In general, it is quite large, not so much because of the scale, but because of the elaborate and often narrow corridors, which makes it harder for defenders to retreat. Therefore, when choosing agents on this map, you should start by focusing on attack, unexpected shifts in attacking strategies, and fakes.

Valorant map haven callouts

Defensive Smokes on Haven

First of all, you should be prepared to cut off the defenders’ positions with smokes. However, the choice between Omen and Brimstone is not straightforward. Playing for the defense, Brimstone can cut off several positions with his smokes. And his Stim Beacon can give his team an advantage over retreating opponents when defending a site. However, Brimstone’s supply of smokes is not replenished during a round, which means that if the attackers make a move later in the round, this agent will be practically useless.

Omen also has pros and cons specifically on Valorant map Haven. His supply of smokes is replenished within two minutes during a round, and he can neutralize his opponents’ attempts to reach sites far away from him due to the range of his smokes. But this agent is mostly ineffective if the enemies’ attacks are unexpected and not predictable. In any case, we choose Omen because of his usefulness both in attack and defense due to the range of his smokes.

Blinding abilities on Haven

To be successful on defense and attack, you will need blinding abilities, and a lot of them. To enter a site, as well as clear out close positions that defending players like to occupy, you’ll need a minimum of three flashes. However, we recommend having more in case of unforeseen situations, such as clutches or losing one of your teammates when entering a site. Also, blinding flashes help you take sites as well as defend them.

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It’s best in this case to pick either long-range blinding abilities, such as Omen’s Paranoia, or those that cannot be shot down like Reyna’s eye. So it’s best to choose between Breach, Skye, and Phoenix. You can use any two of these agents, or one if you are confident that all the blinding abilities will be used properly and from the correct positions.

However, our advice is to go with two, and one of them should definitely be Breach. His stunning abilities make him useful in any situation.

  • If you pick Skye, you’ll be prepared not only to play a «blinding» game but also to replenish your team’s health, which you need to do to hold a site successfully.
  • If you choose Phoenix, you will be the team’s main duelist, playing to seize the initiative in rounds with your flashes and exploding fireballs.
  • In clutch situations, a lot will be expected from you because Phoenix is able to replenish his own health.
  • The choice between these two agents is based primarily on your own skills of playing with them, and only after that on the needs of the team.

Reconnaissance on Haven is not really that important.

Valorant Guide: Sova's best arrow positions on Haven

Even if you locate an enemy at a site, they will still have many options to change their position. Unlike Bind or Ascent, where this is practically impossible to do, Haven’s areas are filled with boxes and other obstacles. You can easily hide from a Recon Bolt, and without fear of being killed by an approaching enemy, shoot it down.

The same is true when playing with Sova on defense. Even after learning Haven’s complex layout, Sova’s usefulness will still only be equal to that of Viper or Sage, whose tactically weak abilities won’t be of any use on this map. If you do decide to use Sova, you should try to take some shots that the enemy isn’t expecting. This will force the defense out of corners that are preventing you from safely approaching a site.

The best solo queue agent on Haven

Who are the best solo queue agent on Haven and why?

Duelists are only needed on Valorant map Haven if they are good individual players. As we mentioned earlier, Jett and Phoenix will be the most useful on this map. It’s worth remembering the generally accepted but unspoken Valorant rule — the more duelists, the less team play.

The more duelists, the less team play

In the case of Haven, this rule is 100% true. If you pick three duelists, be prepared to lose almost all of your rounds on defense. So if you want to win and not play as an individual, go with Jett. With her agility, jumps, and Cloudburst ability, she, like Phoenix, can play in the forefront of the attack and be the first to come to the rescue in defense. However, we think Raze is a much better choice. She can move quickly with her satchels and use the Boom Bot to look around corners, like Sova.

Finally, we consider Killjoy and Cypher to be two of the most important agents on this map. In defense, they are useful mainly at C Site and the nearby doors. You can easily secure the site with turrets and tripwires, and by positioning an agent in the window in front of the doors. This tactic allows the remaining team members to secure other sites. B Site can be defended in the same way.

Unfortunately, this strategy won’t work at A Site as Killjoy and Cypher’s abilities are disabled at certain distances. And naturally, these agents will be practically useless on attack, except to keep a lookout for defending players’ presses.

Best character choices in Haven

So, which agents should you pick on Valorant map Haven?


A spycam that allows you to view sites and tripwires to detect enemy movement will help in defense. On attack, his ultimate ability can be used after the first frag to extract the location of the remaining enemy team members.


Smokes for attacking and defending sites, as well as blinding flashes to be used in the few open spaces.


Stunning flashes to effectively defend and attack sites, and for spectacular clutches.


Team medic for healing allies and flashes to blind opponents. In addition, her signature ability can track down enemies to blind and damage them, or safely guide her allies to a site.


This agent can be used when a team needs a self-sufficient duelist. She can play the role of an entry fragger, and in defense can seize the initiative with her jumps and dashes.

In our list of the best character choices in Haven, Jett is replaceable by Raze who can play the same role and even offer more utility. Similarly, Cypher’s role can be played by Killjoy. In theory, you could also experiment with Sage or Viper instead of Skye.

However, our advice is to play the way you’re used to. You should be prepared to lose a huge number of rounds on defense, but try not to get discouraged or let it drive your team into a tilt.

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Most often I play for Phoenix

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I believe that every agent is good in a certain situation. «A spoon is dear when lunchtime is near.»