Valorant tournaments in 2021

The main goal of every gamer is to become a professional esports player. It is for the sake of popularity, contracts with famous teams and big prize money that they train for tens of hours every day. However, Valorant fans have a question: «Are there any major tournaments for our favorite game?» Naturally, the game has not yet reached the peak of popularity, and therefore it is quite difficult to fight on equal terms with Counter Strike, Dota2, LOL and other eSports bison.However, teams around the world can take part in local and global tournaments, with a good prize pool for a newcomer to the industry.

What’s in store for the team this year?

If we talk about 2021, the game developers, Riot, are launching a series of tournaments called the Valorant Champions Tour 2021. This tournament takes place in absolutely all major regions — Europe, North America, CIS, Asia, China, etc.
The VCT series, in turn, is divided into three main stages, called Challengers, Masters, and Champions. The first stage takes place among teams representing one region. Masters takes place three times a year, and there are the best teams of a certain territorial zone. The final tournament of the season is Champions, which is analogous to the Majors in CS and Dota2. In this tournament, the 16 best teams will compete for the title of «first champion».
Consequently, it will be the VCT that will be the key focus this season, despite the presence of many less significant events. In the future, the number of active Valorant tournaments will increase due to the attraction of new teams and sponsors.

About the prize fund

At the moment, Valorant is a promising discipline, and therefore is not able to boast a significant budget for tournaments. The prize fund of major competitions reaches 50-100 thousand dollars, while the amount of funds in most regional tournaments does not exceed 5 thousand.
However, every month the number of announced championships is growing, which indicates the significant potential of the game. Now, we can say with confidence that in a year, the discipline will take a leading position in terms of the financial support of the tournaments. To do this, first of all, it is necessary to conquer the European market, where Counter Strike: Global Offensive continues to rule the show.

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