Valorant Weapon Tier List — Best Guns, Weapons Stats, Guns Price, & Game Impact

One of the most important elements in competitive shooters is weapons and shooting. In this article, we will be telling you about the Valorant weapon tier list. There are currently 17 weapons in Valorant, excluding the knife. We have compiled this valorant weapon tier list according to guns price and impact on the game. In total, there are 4 weapons tiers: A, B, C, and D.

Valorant Weapon Tier List :




We have included the Vandal and Phantom here because for 2900 credits you get the main assault rifles in the game. So, we can include them here by default, but which one is better? This is a question that can be argued over endlessly.

These two weapons are very similar, so Vandal vs Phantom what to choose isn’t an easy question to answer. This is an important decision you need to make as it can determine whether you win a duel with an enemy or not. You can read this article, and figure it out.


If we take the current meta on the Operator into account, it would be foolish not to put it in this same tier. The Operator (for 4500 credits) kills with a single shot to the body or head (100% kill). Of course, it requires excellent shooting skills.


The Judge is also included in the A-tier, and for just 1500 credits, you get an automatic shotgun. If you play as a Jett, for example, it becomes a very dangerous weapon thanks to her abilities. The Judge is also super useful with other agents.


The final weapon in this tier is the Shorty. Costing only 200 credits, if you position yourself correctly in the game, you will get a 100% kill. This sawed-off shotgun is a great choice for eco rounds.

Valorant Weapon Tier List : B-tier

3 pistols are included in this tier: Classic, Ghost, and Sheriff.

valorant weapon classic


The first is the Classic, because it’s free, plus it has a burst mode. It is suitable for pistol and eco rounds, but has low headshot damage (-78), which is why we have included the Classic in B-tier.


The second is the Ghost, which is ideal for the pistol round. However, the Ghost is not that effective in other rounds.


The third is the Sheriff, which costs 800 credits. The Sheriff is not as good in the pistol round as in eco and force rounds, as it one-shots at distances up to 30 meters.


We’ve also included the Spectre here as it is an excellent SMG. It costs 1600 credits, has a good fire rate, considerable damage, and light spray control.

The Spectre’s lack of an automatic mode and its difficulty of use secures its highest position in B-tier in our Valorant weapon tier list.


Following the recent buffs in Valorant, we’ve also included the Guardian in B-tier. For 2400 credits, you get a rifle that fires single shots and kills with one shot in the head.

Valorant Weapon Tier List : C-tier


We had no doubts about including the Marshal here. This weapon is superb after winning a pistol round. However, it is very difficult to get kills with it in subsequent rounds, because after losing the first round, the losers usually do an eco and don’t buy armor. As a result, the Marshal will one-shot into the body.


Next up is the Stinger. For 1000 credits, this weapon has a very high rate of fire and will most likely give you a kill at close range. But due to the fast rate of fire, the magazine can only give you one kill. It is also useless at long range due to low damage and burst mode in the scope.


We also think that the Bulldog fits perfectly in C-tier. For 2100 credits, you get a good rate of fire and damage, but only 115 damage to the head. The Bulldog’s spray is very unstable, and its performance is ruined by the burst mode when using the scope, which makes it very difficult to shoot this weapon at long ranges.


Rounding out this tier is the Odin. We included this machine gun in C-tier because it is only effective with the agent Sova. It has a good fire rate and considerable damage, but it is not widely used in the game due to its high price and immobility.

Valorant Weapon Tier List : D-tier

We’ve included the Bucky, Frenzy, and Ares in this tier. These three weapons have barely found a place in competitive matchmaking and regular matches. Only a handful of players use them, and then just for fun.


The Bucky is an unstable pump-action shotgun that only kills well at close range, and its burst mode is not very good.


The Frenzy is a pistol with a 12-round magazine, and fires in automatic mode. We included it in D-tier because it doesn’t one-shot in the head, even without armor, and it’s very difficult to spray with it. It’s similar to a Stinger, only this weapon has less damage, a lower rate of fire, and fewer cartridges.


The last weapon is the Ares. This is a machine gun, and just like the Odin, it is not widely used. There is little use for this weapon because of zero-damage and its unstable spray, even in the scope. The Spectre is a much better choice than the Ares.

So, that’s our completed valorant weapon tier list compiled from the weapon stats, price and game impact.

Now that we’ve covered our valorant weapon tier list, you should hopefully have a better idea of which weapons are right for you.

What do you think about our valorant weapon tier list? Feel free to leave your comments below. Good luck on the battlefield, agents!

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Andrii Kosar Окт 19, 2020

As for me sheriff A-tier, Guardian C-tier