Vandal vs Phantom — Which rifle is better?

Players often face a choice as to which is the best Valorant rifle: Vandal vs Phantom? These two weapons are very similar, so Vandal vs Phantom what to choose isn’t an easy question to answer.

This is an important decision you need to make as it can determine whether you win a duel with an enemy or not.

In this article, we will help you figure it out.


This rifle is good at medium ranges. The Phantom damage range is significantly less than that of the Vandal from long-range distances. But it also has a lower spread and a higher firing rate.

There are 30 rounds in its magazine.

It is best to buy this rifle when playing a supporting role for the defending team or to defend a planted spike from attackers.

To shoot accurately with this rifle, you only need to control the spray. This is pretty easy to do if you just avoid clamping the entire magazine in one go. Spraying 5-6 bullets will be enough.

If you’d like more information about this rifle, you can check out the full Phantom statistics here.

Tip: If you are on the defending team and notice that your opponent likes using the Operator and Vandal, you should consider selecting the Phantom rifle and engaging them at close quarters. In this way, you will have a high probability of shooting them.


We’re letting you know in advance that this weapon is great for close-range skirmishes. When comparing this rifle to the Phantom, the Vandal has a lower firing rate and a higher recoil. This is offset by sustained damage at all ranges, and instant headshot kills at long range.

There are 25 rounds in its magazine.

The full Vandal stats can be viewed here. Also, analyze and use this weapons guide to help you select the best gun in Valorant for each situation.

This rifle is ideal for players who have excellent sight positioning and head aiming. To master this weapon, you will need to train a lot. Range will help you master the basic mechanics of the game in “safe mode”.

The most effective way to use this rifle is with short four-round bursts because it is very difficult to spray with this weapon.

Tip: Try not to spray at a distance of more than 30 meters as you are not likely to be successful using the Vandal. It is better to use the zoom mode to get a clear headshot. If you miss your shot, just wait half a second and shoot again. And don’t forget to strafe, because if you don’t, you’ll be easy prey for your opponents.

So, now that we’ve covered the Phantom and Vandal, you should hopefully have a better idea of which one is right for you.

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A D Сен 28, 2020

Vandal, one tap headshots are awesome

Andrii Kosar Сен 25, 2020

only Phantom