Weekly Release: new Valorant Act 3, new map, a new agent, and more…

Looking for the latest Valorant news, guides and tips? You’ve come to the right place. Here our Valorant Weekly Release with some news and 3 extra articles for you! Let’s first take a look at big changes that have taken place in Valorant during this week.

What’s coming in Valorant ACT 3 release

Riot Games has finally unveiled what to expect from the upcoming release of Valorant ACT 3 of Episode 1. We are getting a brand new map called Icebox (set in the Russian tundra).

This snowy location will be added to Valorant at the start of Act III, which will commence on October 14.

More about new map in our artiсle.

New Agent: Skye

Valorant Skye

Skye will be Valorant’s next agent. Skye’s kit makes her a jack of all trades, helping teams find and eliminate enemies while also helping them stay alive. Despite being a healer, Skye is a true hybrid character and officially classified as an initiator. 

More about the third act in our review.

Riot reveals most picked Valorant agents per region, placing Jett and Sage on top

Riot Games shared who the most popular Valorant agents currently are in 6 regions – Russia, US, Brazil, Turkey, South Korea, and Mexico. The developers did not give the full rating, but noted that Jett and Sage were the favorites of players worldwide.

Next, I would like to tell you about our new articles

Valorant global statistics show that every map in the game favors the defense

In this article, we will tell you about the statistics of the defending and attacking teams in the game.

More details here.

What is the problem with mono-national teams in Valorant?

In this article we will look at the problem of mono-national teams.

How to win force rounds | Exact guide & Top 3 mistakes in force rounds

How do you lead your team to victory with minimal risks and consequences? Let’s figure out how to win Force rounds in Valorant.

A large study and modeling of various scenarios has led us to a laconic answer to the question: How to win Force rounds in Valorant? Do you want to know the answer? Select a link below to learn more:

Enjoy and see you later!

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