What’s coming in Valorant ACT 3 release

Riot Games has finally unveiled what to expect from the upcoming release of Valorant ACT 3 of Episode 1. We are getting a brand new map called Icebox (set in the Russian tundra), a new agent Skye, and a Battlepass. So let’s take a deeper look at Valorant Act 3!

New Map: Icebox

Just last week, Riot released a gameplay video of the new Icebox map set in the heart of Siberia. This snowy location will be added to Valorant at the start of Valorant Act 3, which will commence on October 13. This means that Valorant players only have one week left to claim rewards from their current Battle Pass.

The map is centered around an abandoned plant or research facility in the Arctic wilderness and appears to favor skirmishes and fast gameplay. To dominate this map, players will have to adapt as they navigate the newly introduced ziplines.

This is the second map to be released since the game’s launch earlier this year. The official release date is October 13 for Unrated play and October 27 for Competitive play.

New Agent: Skye

Act 3 will also introduce a brand new agent: Skye.


  • AOE heal, can’t self heal
  • Wolf drone that can be controlled and shot down
  • Sends out a Birb (bird) ability (like Sova’s recon bolt)
  • Releases 3 wolves that chase enemies

Due to the Icebox map release, Skye will NOT be available at the start of ACT 3. Instead, the agent will be released during ACT 3.

Improved Battlepass

An improved version of the battlepass will arrive on October 13, but according to Riot, no major changes have been made, only minor improvements. Weekly missions will now progress faster than before.

«Collect heads, rake in the XP, then snap on Act III exclusives like the ‘Chilly McFreeze’ Gun Buddy to match your arctic battles, the ‘Radianite Hazard’ Player Card, and the Viper Spray that reminds you to wash your hands. Purchase the Act III Premium battlepass to unlock more tiers of VALORANT items like the Ruin Vandal, «Disco Ball» Gun Buddy, and the Surge Bucky (with variants!).»

Singularity Weapon Skin

In addition to the new map and agent, we’re getting a new skin collection called Singularity.

«Singularity exists in a distant future, vast in its journey from the beyond. Powerful, abstract, and mysterious. Nobody knows where it came from or how it came to be. Harness its unstable force on the Phantom, Sheriff, Spectre, Ares, and Melee when you buy the Singularity bundle».

Singularity Weapon Skin

The release date is set for October 13.

According to Riot, they’re «closing Episode 1 with a banger of a finish» by releasing the most anticipated content for the game. What do you think about ACT 3? Is it what you expected?

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