Which agent is the most beginner-friendly in Valorant?

When starting the game, each new Valorant player has to choose which agents to unlock and which one to play with.

Below, you’ll find our recommendations for the most beginner-friendly agents in Valorant.
Also, there are two options for events: solo or playing in a party.

Valorant solo players:


He is a great duelist who can heal himself. Going to a bombsite by giving a flash is just one way he can help the team.


Raze’s mission is to blow up everything, whether it’s an opponent standing around a corner or an enemy already engaged.


After killing an enemy, Reyna heals herself or turns invisible for two seconds. She also has a pretty good flash and an imbalanced ultimate. She’s a killing machine that doesn’t need help.

Valorant party players:


This is a great agent for those playing in a party. Your friends can ask you to heal, put up a wall, revive, or throw a slowing down sphere. A super cool character for teamwork.


The number 1 pickrate agent on the pro scene. A very useful character that can hold a plant alone and provide maximum information.


This agent is required to enter a site correctly. Blocking most of the exits with smokes and throwing Molotovs are very useful rescues.

So there you have information about the most beginner-friendly agents in Valorant. Hopefully you’re now ready to decide which agent to choose.

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