Why is my ping so high in Valorant? | Best 4 steps to lower this

Without a doubt, a question in the minds of many players is why is my ping so high in Valorant. In this article, we’ll talk about high ping in Valorant, and what steps you need to take to lower this.

Ever since the dawn of online gaming, gamers have been lobbing computers across the room when the games lag. While desktops have gotten smaller and less throw-able, Wi-Fi has not gotten less laggy. So whether you’re mid-lag right now looking for answers, or freshly out of a game where you couldn’t see straight because of packet loss, below you’ll find many possible friction points for your Wi-Fi troubles.

❓ Before we try to fix ping, what even is ping?

Ping is how fast a signal goes from your computer, to the server hosted by the game company, and back. Think of it like an echo. Your ping is how long it takes your echo to come back to you after you yell into the deep dark cave. Ping is mostly measured in milliseconds (ms), and for all my experience in gaming, I’ve found that 30-90 is a good range depending on the game.

❓ What does a high ping mean in a game?

Why is my ping so high in Valorant?
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Since ping is a measurement of time, a high ping means it takes a longer period of time for your computer to receive the information about the game you’re playing. Let’s say for example a woman is walking across your screen in game, the information is sent out to you and all the other players watching. However, if you have a higher ping, then the woman walking across will stutter. Your computer has stopped receiving the information it needs to show you where the woman is going, so it lags. Stutters.

In many games there are built-in mechanics to kick players with high ping because it can lead to frustrating experiences for the other players in the game.

❓ How can I fix my high ping in Valorant?

Unfortunately if you have bad ping in other games, you’ll probably have bad ping in Valorant too. There are no special tricks, no special settings, nothing specific to Valorant which can change your ping for the better. That being said, here are the usual suspects for bad ping. Now, let’s answer the question ‘why is my ping so high in Valorant’, and how to fix it step by step.

1⃣ The first step

The first step to fix your high ping in Valorant is to check to see if you’re running too many programs in the background. Maybe close Google Chrome, Cyberpunk 2077, and turn off Spotify until after you’re done clicking heads. If ten things are using your computer, it will run slower than if you’re just running one.

2⃣ The second step

The second step to fix high ping in Valorant is to check to see if your family, or whoever else is on your network, is using the Wi-Fi. Especially now with quarantines happening all around the globe, it may be your brother or sister or parent on Zoom. If there are a few more people on the Wi-Fi, take a break and come back when you think you’ll be the only one.

3⃣ The third step

The third step to lower your high ping is to use your task manager and set Valorant as a priority application (guide here).

4⃣ The fourth step

The last and most dramatic step is to simply upgrade your WiFi connection. If you haven’t had issues with ping before, but suddenly have been, it most likely isn’t either of these.

❓ Why am I lagging in Valorant even though my ping is low?

Finally, there are times where you’ll yell, “Why am I lagging in Valorant even though my ping is low?”

Lag issues with low ping usually revolve around packet loss. So you remember how ping is just how fast your messages come back from the game’s server? Packets are what’s being transferred back and forth. If you’re experiencing packet loss then the best route of action is to reinstall Valorant. With Steam games, there’s a setting buried deep within the option menus to verify the game files.

That’s pretty much like a mechanic looking at your car as a whole just to make sure it’s ok. But Valorant doesn’t have that action yet. Riot claims that the client verifies the game files every time it starts, but we all can agree that the day we trust computers to always work is far, far away.

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Zak Shnider Дек 21, 2020

Often the physical distance from the server will greatly increase the ping.
What if I want to play with the Australians?