Why start playing Valorant in 2021

Many gamers who first heard the name «Valorant» think that it makes no sense to give preference to a new discipline. Indeed, at the moment there are many analogs on the network that have already passed the path of formation and gained recognition in the e-sports arena.
New projects — new opportunities. Naturally, no one guarantees that the new product will appeal to all gamers, but there are many reasons why Valorant should be seriously considered as a worthy project.

Intuitive rules

A gamer who has never played Valorant will not need to spend tens of hours getting to know the features of the game world. In general, the basic rules are very similar to Counter Strike. Here, the players are identical to the analogue, divided into two teams of five fighters. The task of one team is to activate the bomb (spikes), and the second is to clear it. However, the maximum number of rounds has been reduced to 25, that is, the game lasts up to 13 wins for one of the sides.
That being said, as a visual variety, Valorant is much more interesting for a beginner. After all, each hero here has unique abilities, which directly affects the team’s potential. That is, the presented game combines elements of a shooter and fantasy, which significantly expands the target audience.

Heroes with unique history and abilities

If in Counter Strike, for example, the player’s skills do not depend on the character’s equipment, then Valorant has this feature. Here, each fighter is unique and has its own story. In general, the characters are called «Agents». Each fighter is a representative of a certain country, which adds interest to the project. After all, it is much more interesting to play for the agent who is directly related to your place of residence.
As stated above, each team member in Valorant has unique abilities. The player chooses them at the beginning of the round, along with the purchase of weapons.
Abilities are best chosen depending on the role in the game. This can be the launch of arrows across the entire map, instant teleportation, or the treatment of your «colleagues». Therefore, a competent approach to the choice of weapons and skills is an important component of a potential victory.

Excellent esports potential

From the very beginning, the game attracted the attention of the target audience, with a good investment from their developers — Riot. Consequently, many professional esports players have started to actively switch to Valorant due to the financial potential of the product. We can say with confidence that after the start of the stage of major tournaments in this discipline, interest in it will become even greater. After all, it is unlikely that the conditional Counter Strike will be able to compete financially on an equal footing.In addition, due to the relatively small number of professional players, every aspiring esports player can try his hand at getting a place on the team. With a competent approach and a specific goal, success is likely to be achieved.

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