Valorant devs address the introduction of agent skins to the game

Since Valorant’s official release in 2020, the game has seen a steady rise in popularity among players worldwide. As a player, you can pick any Valorant agent such as Phoenix, Omen, or any of the others and use their unique abilities, as well as customize your weapon of choice.

Players can also use Valorant Points to purchase unique skin bundles and upgrade their weapons with distinctive cosmetic skin designs to make them stand out. This is a great feature that has seen a spike in popularity, but the big question still remains:

Will we see agent skins in-game?

This has been a hot topic of debate for many, if not most esports players, as there is a strong belief that it is an essential part of competitive gaming.

Jett Valorant agent skin
Jett Valorant agent skin

Valorant Senior Producer Dexter Yu confirmed that agent skins was something that the team was actively looking into. Additionally, Riot Games has shown their support for skins with their other titles, such as League of Legends.

Are Valorant agent skins coming?

In a recent Valorant Episode 2 Developer Livestream, Valorant’s Art Lead, Sean Marino, answered:

«No concrete date, don’t expect them anytime soon.»

Sean Marino, Valorant’s Art Lead

Despite denying that agent skins are coming anytime soon, it’s safe to say that Valorant agent skins will most likely become a reality in the future as the game continues to grow and so too does demand.

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